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About Us (Anti-aging and Intelligence-boosting Products for Health) website has been set up to provide useful information and easy access to buy health supplements and antiaging products online and offline. We strive to source out reliable suppliers of top supplemental products, both brands and generic, for personal use.

The information provided here about supplements is for informative purposes only - we're neither doctors nor pharmacists. It is advisable that you consult your doctor or physician before purchasing any health supplements for your personal use.

Ordering information

If you're not familiar with online ordering process, or for whatever reason wish to use other options to buy supplements, please refer to our How to Order page for more information. You can place your order online and make payment using Visa and Mastercard. Since September 2012, payments by the USA customers can also be made via e-checking - see Check Process for more info.

New product suppliers

As of mid-2017 we have added another supplier of products, HCG Diet Plan. The suppliers of these US-made products provide same-day shipping service to the US customers, when ordered by certain time.

Another new supplier's products have been listed in Longevity Supplements range. They provide more payment options than are currently available for those in Supplements range. This makes it more convenient for your online ordering and payments.

A-Z Lists for quick find

With over 250 pages on this site, you could be forgiven for losing your way around this site. So, we have just created, in September 2017, A-Z Lists section, where you find a quick access to all of the products listed on this site. From there you can click on individual product pages for full information and shopping cart access.

Updated contact details

Just email us if you have any questions to: mail [at] aip-health [dot] com.

In 2019 you can also reach us via: dkblinks  [at] gmail [dot] com. Please mention this site URL when making your query via this email address.

For further contact details, go to Contact us page. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information on any of the supplements listed on this site, as well as if you're looking for a particular supplement to buy. We will respond to you, without any obligation.

We have been in business of selling health supplements since 1991, starting as mail order company. An intermediary site was set up in May 2005, followed up by the current site established in March 2007. Now, more than 10 years online later, we trust to be able to continue bringing you more information about health matters and supplements, for years to come at logo

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