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New weight loss drug, known as Zimulti in the U.S., also helps smokers quit smoking

Acomplia uses a novel method to control body weight by subduing brain receptors that stimulate appetite, which can also aid people to stop smoking

30 × 100mg tablets


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Acomplia Rimonabant is no longer available.
Suggested replacement product is
 Acarbose Glucobay.
Acarbose Glucobay

Acarbose Glucobay

Suggested replacement product for Acomplia is Acarbose, which is an appetite supressor that also helps diabetics to control glucose.

30 × 100mg tablets

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Weight loss drug

Acomplia is an experimental weight loss drug containing Rimonabant, recently approved in the U.K. Designed to help obese people lose weight, in particularly those with type 2 diabetes. It has been also shown to help control blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease in diabetics.

Acomplia's many benefits

Acomplia or Zimulti may be used as an aid in fighting addiction to tobacco, helping smokers kick the habit. More importantly, Acomplia has helped smokers not gain weight, after they stop smoking. On top of that, Acomplia has also been shown to improve HDL (good cholesterol) levels and to lower triglyceride levels, once again showing benefit for people with diabetes and heart conditions.

Acomplia helps with weight loss by subduing cannabinoid receptors, which stimulate appetite. By subduing these appetite receptors, the feeling of food craving or hunger is subdued. It is available in 20mg pills size.

How to buy Acomplia tablets
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 Acomplia (Zimulti) was available in 20 mg tablets pack sizes

 Glucobay is now available in 30 x 100mg tablets pack size
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Acomplia dosage:

Suggested dose is to take one 20mg tablet daily. The tablet should be taken in the morning before breakfast, to be swallowed whole. Do not take Acomplia if you're allergic to Rimonabant, or woman breast-feeding.

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