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Aldosterone capsules

Aldosterone Aldo-Pro box, 15 × 125mcg tablets

Safeguard your hearing and balance with Aldosterone Aldo-Pro, now in tablets

Aldosterone is a hormone known to regulate essential salts and blood pressure in the human body, thus protecting hearing and aiding balance

15 × 125mcg tablets

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See also Aldosterone spray.

Treats hearing loss

Secreted by the adrenaline gland, Aldosterone hormone holds the key to hearing loss. In 2005 the ICHSR (International Center for Hearing and Speech Research) found a direct link between low levels of Aldosterone and hearing loss.

When sufficient levels of Aldosterone are secreted, salt, potassium and water levels in the human body are kept at the correct levels. These electrolytes are connected with the hearing function.

But as we age, Aldosterone levels tend to fall, resulting in imbalances with essentials salts and blood pressure. This affects our hearing and the balance, resulting in a lesser quality of life and social interactions.

By taking everday precautions, such as avoiding loud music and keeping your headphone levels down on your mobiles and personal devices, you can safeguard your hearing. Plus taking Aldosterone supplement, which is both safe and easy to administer.

How to buy Aldosterone capsules
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Aldosterone dosage:

A typical dosage is to take one Aldosterone capsule 1 or 2 times daily, or as directed by your health practicioner. Do not take if you have a high blood pressure.

  Treat balance and hearing loss with these supplements:

Aldosterone capsules

Aldosterone capsules

Aldo-Pro supplement are Aldosterone capsules that are used as a treatment for hearing loss and aiding balance.

50 × 125mcg caps.

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Aldosterone spray

Aldosterone spray

Aldo-Spray contains Aldosterone hormone that's crucial to inner ear's health, linked to sensorineural hearing loss condition.

10mg 5ml spray

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Picamilone capsules

Picamilone capsules

An anti-anxiety drug has been found to be potent and stimulating in the treatment of memory loss, hearing and speech problems.

60 × 50mg caps.

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