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Amantadine tablets

Influenza medication also used as an aid against Parkinson's disease

Amantadine is an antiviral drug that inhibits replication of the influenza virus, as well as other viruses, including bird flu, SARS and herpes

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20 × 100mg tablets


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Amantadine antiviral is no longer available. Suggested replacement products are: 
1st Line, Doxycycline, Nano Silver, Nano Zinc, Rulid and Tetracycline.
1st Line

1st Line Thiocyanate

Improve your immunity and defend your body from bacterial and viral infections naturally with this formula containing Thiocyanate ions.

one kit

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Similar in its action as Ciproxin, Doxycycline is a potent antibiotic for treating a broad spectrum of bacterial soft-tissue infections.

14 × 100mg caps.

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Nano Silver

Nano Silver spray

Nano Silver purified mineral water contains nanoclusters of Colloidal silver, effective against at least 650 viruses.

15ml spray

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Nano Zinc

Nano Zinc spray

Replenish your Zinc mineral levels, important for the immune system function, with Nano Zinc spray, to keep your immunity at an optimum.

15ml spray

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Rulid Roxithromycine

Rulid Roxithromycine

Rulid belongs to a group of macrolide antibiotic drugs, that's been effective in treating a wide range of bacterial infections only.

10 × 150mg tabs.

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This effective and versatile antibiotic is used for treating bacterial infections, including acne, skin and genital infections, urinary tract problems.

16 × 250mg caps.

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German-made Thym-Uvocal Thymus is not an antibiotic, but it's very effective in strengthening immunity and fighting effects of allergies.

90 × 200mg caps.

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Antiviral drug

Amantadine (Symmetrel®) is an antiviral drug that inhibits replication of the influenza type-A virus. It has been also reported that Amantadine also acts against other viruses. It is most effective when taken during early stages of the infection. Amantadine has been also used in fight against Bird-Flu or SARS virus.

Being a weak dopamine agonist, Amantadine has been used as an aid Parkinson's disease treatment. It's mainly used in early stages of Parkinson's when symptoms are mild, to help against rigidity and tremors. Amantadine should be used with caution in Parkinson's because of its ability to enhance dopamine effects.

Amantadine has been also used in management of herpes. Other brand name for Amantadine tablets is Symandine ®.

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Amantadine dosage:
For the treatment of influenza type-A virus, take one tablet twice daily, for at least 5 days. If you're 65 years of age, take one tablet or less at intervals greater than one day. If used in the treatment of Parkinson's, start with one tablet daily and increase to two tablets daily after a week or more. Parkinson's patients over 65 years of age should take only one tablet daily. For the treatment of herpes, take 1 tablet of Amantadine twice daily for 14 days.

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