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Argan Oil from Morocco

Argan Oil from Morocco, 100% pure, 2oz

2oz of 100% pure virgin Argan Oil for body, face and hair health, with antiaging benefits.

Made in USA
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2oz bottle
100% pure virgin oil

Imported from Morocco

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buy Argain Virgin oil 2oz

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Argan Oil

Developed in the US, this product contains 100% pure natural Argan oil from Morocco. The oil provides multiple health benefits and it's especially known for its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. It will moisturize your skin, strengthen the nails and hair, when used on a daily basis.

Argan virgin oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, in particular in vitamin E. Its regular use can help with acne and scarring treatments. There are no byproducts or fillers in this product. This is organic, cold pressed, virgin oil.

Regular use of Argain oil provides these health benefits:

    • healthy, smooth, moisturized skin 
    • strong hair with no split ends 
    • healthy looking nails that don't break easily 
    • skin antiaging and anti-wrinkle properties 
    • feeling better about yourself 

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