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B17 Pro Amygdalin

B17 Pro box, an Amygdalin formula, 40 × 100mg tablets

This Amygdalin formula is known as vitamin B17 and earlier on as Laetrile

Naturally derived supplement is a concentrated formula of B17, with 100mg of Amygdalin per tablet, which is a natural source of vitamin B17.

40 × 100mg tablets

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Vitamin B17 and Amygdalin

Although the name of Amygdalin is sometime used interchangeably with Laetrile, it is a different substance as it contains an extra sugar molecule. Laetrile® is usually known as a somewhat controversial "anti-cancer drug", even though it's not a drug, but a natural substance which also contains amygdalin.

According to James South MA, Laetrile is a contraction of the more formal name of "LAEvo-mandeloniTRILE-glucoside", whereas Amygdalin's proper name is "d-mandelontrile bi-glucoside". The term "Laetrile" was coined by the father/son team of E.T. Krebs Sr. and Jr., who "rediscovered" it in 1940s.

Origins of Laetrile

Amygdalin's first preparation was made by two French scientists in 1830. Seven years later two German scientists discovered that the substance can be split in 3 different enzymes, including glucose. The formula "Laetrile" (which includes amygdalin) was first used in 1845 to treat cancer. A young male patient of 20 and a female patient of 48, both with cancer, were treated with varying amounts of amygdalin. The male was still alive 3 years later, while female was alive 11 years later, at the time of the report.

Vitamin B17 was popularized by G. Edward Griffin in his book "World Without Cancer". Although it remains a controversial subject, there have been many documented cases of people benefiting from B17 or amygdalin intake.

B17 or amygdalin is naturally found in apricot kernels, inside apple pips, peach kernels, cherry seeds, plum seeds, bitter almonds, etc. B17 Pro amygdalin formula contains concentrated amounts of B17, each tablet comes with 100mg of amygdalin.

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B17 Pro Amygdalin dosage:

Use as directed on dosage instructions enclosed with the B17 Pro pack. The usual dosage is 1 tablet per day, or as directed by your pharmacist or health professional. Please NOTE that B17 should never be consumed with raw nuts (especially almonds) or raw vegetables (especially brassica vegetables). Both of these, almonds and vegetables, already contain cancer-fighting compounds.

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