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BEC5 Curaderm

BEC5 Curaderm 20ml topical cream tube

An effective treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer without surgery

Containing purified plant extract of the Solanum Sodomaeum from Australasia, BEC5 is effective in treating benign tumours, such as age and sun spots

20ml of 0.005% cream

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Basal Cell Carcinomas treatment

Curaderm cream is an eggplant skin cancer cure, that is especially potent in treating Basal cell carcinomas. This is the most common form of skin cancer, also known as BCC - Basal cell carcinoma. BCC is a non-melanoma skin cancer. Around 95% of skin cancer is not a Melanoma form. BEC5 also works on benign tumours like sun spots and age spots.

Curaderm cream has also been effective after surgery that fails to remove BCC, even after skin grafts on the affected area. Recent trials in 10 UK hospitals found that applying BEC5 cream twice a day to the affected skin cancer areas resulted in a complete remission on 78% of the patients within 8 weeks of treatment. The other 22% of patients also showed an improvement, but needed a little longer treatment time of 13 weeks.

Curaderm is derived from the plant Solanum Sodomaeum from Australasia. The plant contains an important eggplant extract Solasodine Glycosides, which has been found to be extremely effective in treating skin for cancerous conditions. This active ingredient can be also found in eggplant and aubergine in smaller quantities.

BEC5 Curaderm seen on the Dr. Oz Show

BEC5 Curaderm cream was featured on the Dr Oz Show. The famous alternative health advocate Dr Joseph Mecola was championing cream on the show to remove skin cancer. You can find here the Curaderm story on Dr Oz's website.

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BEC5 Curaderm dosage:

Clean and disinfect the area to be treated before each application. The drier the area can remain, the better. Apply the cream twice a day. The typical treatment period is 8-12 weeks, although it can vary from person to person and depends on number of other factors, such as:

  • the size of the lesion being treated 
  • the position of the lesion and how difficult is to reach it 
  • the age and condition of the patient 
  • how often the cream is applied daily, etc. 

Side effects
There are no known contraindications with Curaderm cream. Dermatologists at the Royal London Hospital have cited BEC5's efficacy as 'safe and effective', calling it 'an ideal therapy for outpatient treatment'. Do not use this cream if you are allergic to aspirin.

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