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Bioclip Cuff Monitor

Bioclip Cuff Arterial Stiffness Monitor

World's first arterial stiffness monitor that's available to be used at home

The Bioclip® CUFF monitor is a convenient device designed to be used at home, to assess your arterial flexibility (elasticity), pulse and blood pressure.

Made in China - Shipped from United Kingdom

1 monitor unit
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Arterial stiffness monitor

Bioclip Cuff monitoring device is a simple was of assessing your vascular condition from the comfort of your home. It's attached to your arm like an ordinary blood pressure monitor and used to assess your blood pressure and pulse, to estimate your arterial flexibility.

The more flexible, or less stiff, your arterial walls are, the better your metabolic readings, which determine your blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. It should be used to help you improve your lifestyle for better health. The device shouldn't be used as a replacement for regular medial monitoring of your health condition, done with your doctor. Instead, this should be an additional way to give you an early warning if the things aren't quite right.

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Bioclip Cuff usage:
This is a non-invasive monitoring device, used to measure your blood pressure, puls rate and to estimate arterial stiffness or elasticity of arterial walls. It's not to be confused with a proper diagnostic device, or to replace regular medical examinations. Rather it should give you an unqualified insight into your readings, to be followed up with a proper medical examination with your doctor, should it be needed.

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