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Bioregulator Peptides

Latest range of 6 natural bioregulator peptide products

This latest range of bioregulator peptides contains amino acids that will help normalizing of the function of individual organs and tissues. These bioregulator complexes are designed each for a specific body tissue or organ.

   Bioregulator Peptide Complex products


Cartalax Bioregulator

Cartilage Bioregulator
20 capsules


Chonluten Bioregulator

Bronchial Bioregulator
20 capsules


Crystagen Bioregulator

Immunity Bioregulator
20 capsules


Ovagen Bioregulator

Intestinal Bioregulator
20 capsules


Pinealon Bioregulator

Brain Cells Bioregulator
20 capsules


Vesugen Bioregulator

Blood Vessel Bioregulator
20 capsules

About Bioregulators

Made from amino acids, these natural peptides are considered the 'building blocks of life'. They are a new class of biomedical products, also known as geroprotectors. Their aim is to tackle the root causes of aging on the genetic level.

In a nutshell, a bioregulator peptide is a short chain of amino acids that's shorter than a protein and can be easily absorbed via the digestive system. They're normally sourced via food and each body organ has its own unique peptide bioregulator.

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