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Bromocriptine Parlodel box, 30 × 2.5mg tablets

Antiaging supplement increases dopamine levels and improves insulin resistance

Bromocriptine Parlodel protects the brain from dementia and helps with diabetes type 2 treatment, by raising dopamine in the brain and improving glucose tolerance

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30 × 2.5mg tablets
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Antiaging supplement increases dopamine

Bromocriptine is a semi-synthetic derivative that belongs to the group of Ergoline derivatives, named after its ergoline alkaloid structure. In amongst other uses, these are used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

One of Bromocriptine's actions include increasing dopamine levels. Dopamine is an organic chemical and a key neurotransmitter which plays an important role in the brain and body, being especially essential for normal brain activity. When its levels are high, it delays age-related mental decline, making it useful in Parkinson's treatment.

Bromocriptine helps with diabetes

Bromocriptine supplement has also been shown to improve glucose tolerance and raise insulin resistance. This makes it very useful for those who suffer from Type II Diabetes. One of the main problems with diabetes mellitus is higher levels of glucose in the blood, which can damage small blood vessels and lead to further serious damage, including organ failures.

By improving glucose tolerance, Bromocriptine reduces the damage that high blood sugar causes. (However, you should always use proper diabetes 2 medications, such as Metformin and Glucophage, to counteract high glucose problem.)

More Bromocriptine benefits

Animal studies have indicated that Bromocriptine has potential with weight control, by being able to regulate metabolism.

Furthermore, Bromocriptine has some similarities to Cabergoline by acting as prolactin inhibitor. Produced by the pituary gland, prolactin hormone is one of few hormones that increases with age. It's sometime referred to as fat synthesis hormone, being able to trigger lactation (hence the name) and weight gain during pregnancy.

Excess levels of prolactin however can cause excess milk secretion in women and breast development in men. By being a prolactin inhibitor, Bromocriptine reduces the chances of these unwanted conditions from developing.

Being overall an antiaging supplement, according to animal studies Bromocriptine is also helpful in fighting free radicals, making it an antioxidant, too.

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Bromocriptine dosage:
Parlodel tablets should always be taken with meals, be it half a tablet or a whole tablet. Depending on what you are using this supplement for, dosages can vary. Precise doses instructions are included with the supplement pack. It's advisable that you consult your doctor or pharmacist and use Parlodel as directed by your doctor.

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