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Cabergoline Dostinex box, 8 × 0.5mg tablets

Dostinex tablets help to increase dopamine in the brain and to stimulate sexual desire

Cabergoline is a prolactin hormone inhibitor and dopamine hormone stimulator, whose combined action leads to increased arousal and desire to be intimate with a partner

8 × 0.5mg tablets
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Prolactin inhibitor

Cabergoline is a potent prolactin inhibitor. This hormone is produced by the pituary gland, enabling women to produce milk - lactation. Hence its name. It's also influential in many other processes, including being linked to slow recovery after sex.

By inhibiting this hormone (through decreasing its levels in the brain), Cabergoline speeds up the recovery time, improves intimacy and helps with better orgasms.

Dopamine enhancer

Furthermore, Cabergoline is a dopamine enhancer. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which controls the brain's pleasure and reward centres. In other words, dopamine is the 'feel good hormone'.

By increasing dopamine levels in the brain, Cabergoline heightens the feelings of arousal, stimulating sexual desire and compulsion to be intimate with a partner.

Through its combined action of lowering prolactin levels and increasing dopamine levels, Cabergoline Dostinex leads to an improved libido and better sexual satisfaction. By being able to increase sex drive, many consider this supplement to be more effective that the likes of Cialis, Viagra and Levitra. See also Sildenafil-Pro and Tadalfil Pro.

Parkinsons treatment

One of the conditions that affect Parkisnon's disease sufferers is lower dopamine levels. By increasing dopamine in the brain, Cabergoline helps the sufferers in a number of ways. This includes improving their mood, fighting erectile dysfunction and even help with treating prolactinoma. By inhibiting prolactinoma, it can help with preventing breast development in men and reducing excess milk secretion in women.

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Cabergoline dosage:

Take 0.25mg (half a tablet) or 0.5mg (whole tablet) of Dostinex no more than twice a week. You should consult your doctor for more precise dosage, depending on your health requirements.

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