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Can-C K9 eye drops

Can-C K9 eye drops 2 × 5ml vials

N-AcetylCarnosine K9 eye drops, designed for use on your pet dog's eyes

The original Can-C eye drops have helped many people to reverse cataracts with no surgery. Now you can do the same for your pet dog, if it suffers from eye problems and cataracts.

2 × 5ml vials of lubricant eye drops for K9

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Can-C eye drops for dogs

Like people, pet animals too can develop eye diseases in their later years, including cataracts. This is especially true for dogs and cats. Pet owners have been effectively using Can-C eye drops to treat cataracts. While results reportedly can vary, it appears that the drops at least slow down cataract progression while being used for a year or two. In dog's or cat's years, it's a long period of time to enjoy a good eyesight.

But now, if you have a pet dog, you can use these Can-C K9 eye drops, developed especially for use on your pet dog's eyes. It's still based on the original antioxidant N-acetylcarnosine eye drops formula that's proved to be so effective in humans for lubricating eyes and even treating cataracts.

The original N-Acetylcarnosine eye drops

Can-C eye drops have become one of the most significant products in the fight against aging and a regular eye health supplement with people. Can-C is also known as N-acetylcarnosine (NAC) eye drop, produced by IVP - Innovative Vision Products. Unlike other NAC eye drops, Can C eye drops are the only original, high purity, carnosine eye drops, tested and approved brand that is safe for use in your eyes.

As we age, our eyes tend to develop certain age-related diseases, which can affect our vision. Diabetics in particular can develop eye problems, which can ultimately lead to blindness if left unattended.

The IVP group have tested various anti-glycation carnosine agents, and discovered that a natural antioxidant known as N-acetylcarnosine (NAC) helps the aging eye to recover in terms of improving its clarity, glare sensitivity, color perception and overall vision.

These carnosine eye drops help delay the onset of age-related eye problems, clear cataracts, as well as help diabetics maintain a good vision. Can C eye drops contain antioxidant N-acetylcarnosine, making them effective in the treatment of cataracts.

There's no need to risk you eye health with inferior or copycat products. Ensure the best possible chance of improving your eyesight with the original NAC eye drops, purchased here.

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Can C K9 eye drops dosage:

If you use eye drops preventatively, put 2 drops into each eye, once a day. As for treatment, double the dosage: put 2 drops into the affected eye twice daily. There's no added benefit in exceeding this dosage. It's suggested that occasional use of Can C eye drops continues after the reduction or reversal of cataract, as a preventative measure. The maximum dosage per day should not exceed 4 drops, unless directed by your dog's veterinarian.

For more information about Can-C, click here for Can-C Eye Drops article.

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Can-C eye drops
2 × 5ml vials
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