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Centrophenoxine Centro-Pro box, 60 × 250mg capsules

Anti-aging supplement that stimulates brain activity and cleanses the cells

As a smart drug or nootropic, Centrophenoxine is used to treat memory problems and cognitive decline, to enhance mental alertness and to help improve longevity

60 × 250mg capsules -
safe for vegetarians

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An intelligence booster

Centrophenoxine is an intelligence booster and a smart drug, which also has anti-aging properties. In laboratory animal studies Centrophenoxine has been shown to cause improvements of memory function and a 30% increase in lifespan. It's commonly used to help those with senile dementia, such as Alzheimer's. Containing DMAE and PCPA or Fenclonine, Centrophenoxine helps to boost brain power and alertness in older people.

Removes lipofuscin deposits

Centrophenoxine (CPH) quickly and effectively removes lipofuscin from the cells. Lipofuscin is a cell toxin that accumulates with age and Alzheimer's disease. This toxin makes up parts of Alzheimer's brain plaques. In 'normal' aging people lipofuscin can be found in the brain, the heart, the lungs and even the skin, where it forms so-called age spots. After several weeks of using Centrophenoxine supplement, these spots can lighten or even be removed.

Removal of lipofuscin deposits from the brain usually results in improved learning ability and speeds up memory recall. Centrophenoxine also repairs the synapses, facilitating better communication between the cells via neurotransmitters. Centrophenoxine was previously known under brand name of Lucidril®.

Improves memory and alertness

In elderly people who suffer from intellectual deterioration, Centrophenoxine has been found to improve long-term memory and increase alertness. These improvements were observed after only several weeks of treatment. Overall, Centrophenoxine helps avoid deterioration of brain functions as we age and it's an important supplement for life-prolonging strategy.

Guard against Alzheimer's

Centrophenoxine could also potentially guard against Alzheimer's disease. One of its most noted benefits is its ability to effectively remove lipofuscin. This is a cell toxin that accumulates with age (and Alzheimer's). It can be found in the brains of 'normal' aging people, the heart and the lungs. Lipofuscin can also be found in the skin, where it forms part of age spots. Centrophenoxine can lighten and even remove these spots after a few months of taking this supplement.

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Centrophenoxine dosage:

Elderly people who experienced intellectual decline may need 3 to 6 tablets per day, taken with breakfast and lunch only, to avoid insomnia. Healthy younger people may need 1 or 2 tablets of Centrophenoxine daily, taken with breakfast and lunch. It's wise to break from the tablets one day per week, to avoid acetylcholine excess.

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