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Cerluten brain and central nervous system bioregulator, 20 capsules

Brain and CNS Peptide Bioregulator

20 capsules - 10 day course
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60 capsules - 30 day course

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Cerluten peptide bioregulator helps with the brain and central nervous system health and to improve cognitive powers, regulating the metabolism processes in the brain. 20-capsule packs are for 10-day course, while 60-capsule pack is for 30-day course. See detailed dosages below.

Benefits of Cerluten peptide bioregulator

Cerluten is a natural peptide complex that's specifically used to improve the health of the central nervous system and the brain. Cerluten provides the following benefits:

  • Helps the central nervous system to restore and boost its energy  
  • Protects vital processes of the central nervous system  
  • Acts in the same way as peptide bioregulators that develop naturally in the body  
  • Has no adverse side effects  

The central nervous system

The importance of a healthy central nervous system, let alone the brain, cannot be overestimated. It controls the most functions of the body and mind, by providing communications between them. Diseases that affect the nervous system can be painful, crippling, can shorten lifespan, and even be fatal.

As we age, due to the natural degradation of the system, the likelihood of debilitating diseases can increase. Cerluten can help keep the nervous system healthy and protect it against age-related degradation.

It also helps those who are suffering from stress, memory loss or recovering from stroke. Depending on person's condition, Cerluten can be used with Endoluten (pineal gland peptide), Ventfort (blood vessels peptide), and Visoluten (retina peptide).

What is a peptide bioregulator?

A peptide is a small biological molecule that consists of two or more amino acids. Peptides are smaller than proteins, which are also chains of amino acids, only larger. Generally, if a molecule has less than 50 amino acids, it's considered to be a peptide. Whereas larger molecules of 50 or more amino acids are called proteins.

Peptides are also divided into dipeptides, tripeptides, tetrapeptides, polypeptides, etc., depending on how many chains of amino acids or peptide bonds they consist of. Being smaller molecules and shorter than proteins, peptides can enter the blood through the stomach, and so initiate protein synthesis.

Each organ, gland, or tissue in the body has its own unique peptide bioregulator. Being smaller and easier to absorb through the digestive system, peptides have the ability to interact directly with cell DNA. This enables the body organs, glands and tissues to regenerate and repair easier and more quickly.

How to buy Cerluten peptide bioregulator
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Cerluten dosage

When starting with any peptide bioregulator, including Cerluten, it's suggested to take an 'intensive' course of 2 capsules per day, for 30 days (60 capsules in all). Follow this every 3 months with a course of 2 capsules per day, for 10 days (20 capsules each time). Thus, for one year, the 'average' person would need 120 capsules of a peptide bioregulator. You will find detailed dosage instructions in your Cerluten package.

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