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Ciprofloxacin Ciproxin tablets

This potent quinolone antibiotic kills infectious bacteria and builds resistance

As one of the most effective antibiotics, Ciproxin treats a wide range of diseases by preventing bacterial DNA from duplicating even if they're resistant to other antibiotics

Made in Europe
Shipped from Hong Kong

discontinued product

14 × 500mg tablets

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Ciproxin Ciprofloxacin is no longer available. Suggested replacement products are: 
1st Line, Doxycycline, Nano Silver, Nano Zinc, Rulid and Tetracycline.
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A potent antibiotic

Ciproxin Ciprofloxacin is synthetic antibiotic used in treatment of a variety of infections. While other antibiotics stop infectious bacteria from replicating, Ciproxin actually kills such bacteria, which is what makes it potent. Ciproxin belongs to quinolones bactericidal drugs, which actively kill bacteria.

This is done by entering the bacterial cell and preventing the bacteria from reproducing. A particular chemical involved in the production of bacteria's DNA is inhibited by quinolones, which effectively stops the bacteria's growth.

This potent antibiotic is mostly used in urinary tract infections. It's particularly effective against Gram-negative bacteria, such as E-coli, as well as food poisoning bacteria, like Salmonella. Ciproxin can also kill Golden Staph bacteria, as well as being effective against the bug responsible for gonorrhea.

This product is also sold under brand name of Cipro® and Ciprofloxacin. Go to Antibiotics category for more antibiotic supplements.

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 Ciproxin is available in 10 x 500mg tablets pack
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Ciproxin dosage:
Take 250-750mg every 12 hours on an empty stomach 2 hours after meals. If you experience stomach irritation, the pill can be taken with meals.

Ciproxin tablets should not be taken with Maalox or Mylanta antacids, vitamins, and iron and zinc supplements. These can be taken 2 hours after, or 6 hours before taking Ciproxin. This medicine should also be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those who have asthma, epilepsy or kidney disease. Foods containing large amounts of calcium, such as milk, yoghurt and cheese, should not be taken with Ciproxin. Do not drink more than one or two coffees, teas, or soft drinks per day while taking Ciproxin.

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