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Brand name for Deprenyl Liquid - the best known anti-aging drug

This product has been discontinued. Instead, use Dep-Pro as replacement liquid deprenyl product, as an antiaging drug and an antidepressant, or Dep-Tabs deprenyl tablets

discontinued product

20ml / 300mg liquid deprenyl


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Cyprenil Deprenyl liquid is no longer available.
The replacement Deprenyl products are
 Dep-Pro liquid and Dep-Tabs tablets.
Dep-Pro liquid

Dep-Pro liquid Deprenyl

Replacing Cyprenil liquid and Selepryl liquid, this is new Dep-Pro liquid Selegiline, antidepressant that improves the brain dopamine levels.

20ml / 300mg liquid

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Dep-Tabs Deprenyl tablets

Dep-Tabs Deprenyl tablets

Replacing Deprenyl Jumex tablets are new Dep-Tabs 5mg Deprenyl tablets, for improving dopamine levels and life expectancy.

50 × 5mg tablets

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Liquid Deprenyl supplement

Originally developed as anti-depressant, Deprenyl has become one of the best known antiaging drugs or supplements. Deprenyl comes in tablets form as Deprenyl Jumex, while deprenyl citrate liquid is manufactured under brand names of Cyprenil and Selepryl.

Cyprenil is produced by Cyto Pharma and comes in 300mg bottles. As 1 drop equals 1 miligram (mg), a bottle of Cyprenil has approximately 300 drops of Deprenyl liquid.

In laboratory studies, Deprenyl has shown to prolong life, leading to its reputation as the best known antiaging drug. Deprenyl is also used as a preventative for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases, in treating depression, and to improve mobility, awareness and quality of life in those patients.

How to buy Cyprenil liquid
 Click on the product image or 'buy now' button to purchase it online
Cyprenil is available in 12 ml or 300mg bottle size
 Liquid deprenyl citrate (LDC) is the most pure form of deprenyl
 You can buy one or more bottles of Cyprenil liquid
 Cyprenil online purchase price is in US dollars

Cyprenil dosage:
Dosages vary depending on your age. They start from 1 drop (=1mg) twice a week for 30 to 35 year olds, up to 10 drops per week for 80 year olds. An age-dosage list in English will be enclosed with your order.

For more reading about Deprenyl, click here for Deprenyl Jumex article.

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