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Dasatinib Dasa Pro

Dasa Pro Dasatinib 12 × 20mg double scored tablets

Dasatinib, a cutting-edge supplement in antiaging medicine, acts as a senolytic, removing senescent cells

Used as a cancer medication, Dasa Pro has been discovered to be able to remove 'dead cells', through the process of autophagy.

12 × 20mg tablets
safe for vegetarians

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Cancer medication

Dasatinib is primarily used as a cancer medication, namely some forms of leukemia. The action of Dasatinib is to block some of the enzymes that cause growth of cancer cells. In other words, it inhibits tumour growth. This is done by blocking abnormal protein signals to cancer cells to grow. Do not use Dasa Pro Dasatinib as a cancer medication unless prescribed by your doctor or physician.

Antiaging medicine

The recent attention to Dasatinib has been focused on its ability to act as a senolytic. Senolytics are used for their ability to remove dead or senescent cells within the body, through the process of autophagy.

This is the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells, to be able to regenerate new cells. In other words, this is how the body rejuvenates itself.

Although authophagy and senolytics are still experimental in antiaging medicine, they're more and more a focus of modern antiaging research.

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Dasa Pro dosage:

If used as an antiaging medicine, Dasa Pro should be divided into two lots and taken at least a week apart. It does not need to taken again for 8 to 12 months. The dose is calculated based on body weight - 2.5mg to 5mg per kilo of body weight (2.2 lbs). So, if you weight 72 kilos (159 lbs), your dose should be 180mg. Divide this into two, take 90mg dose the first week and the other 90mg at least one week later. You don't need to repeat this for 8-12 months.

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