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Deprenyl Jumex

Deprenyl Jumex 5mg tablets

Best known anti-aging drug Selegiline extends life expectancy potential

Deprenyl citrate or Selegiline, available as Deprenyl Jumex in tablets form, is a powerful smart drug that improves brain cells function and acts as an antidepressant

50 × 5mg tablets

$54.99 - discontinued

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Deprenyl Jumex tablets are no longer available.
The replacement Deprenyl products are
 Dep-Pro liquid and Dep-Tabs tablets.
Dep-Pro liquid

Dep-Pro liquid Deprenyl

Replacing Cyprenil liquid and Selepryl liquid, this is new Dep-Pro liquid Selegiline, antidepressant that improves the brain dopamine levels.

20ml / 300mg liquid

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Dep-Tabs Deprenyl tablets

Dep-Tabs Deprenyl tablets

Replacing Deprenyl Jumex tablets are new Dep-Tabs 5mg Deprenyl tablets, for improving dopamine levels and life expectancy.

50 × 5mg tablets

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Life extension drug

Deprenyl was discovered and developed by the Hungarian Professor Dr. Joseph Knoll in 1964, who was working on developing new antidepressant. Hence the name of Deprenyl. After his experiments had shown to extend life span in laboratory rats, Deprenyl became known as life extension drug. Since then the drug has been the subject of extensive research, and hundreds of studies have been published over the last 30 years.

These studies have concluded that Deprenyl can be successfully used to treat depression and as a preventative for Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. Deprenyl has also shown to improve mobility, awareness and quality of life for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients.

Parkinson's patients experience Dopamine decline
How dopamine levels decline with age

Deprenyl improves Dopamine levels

As we age, the Dopamine levels in our brains decrease on average 13% per decade after the age of 40. This loss is even greater for those who suffer from Parkinsons disease. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls many brain functions, including movement, emotional responses, and pleasure centres.

The graph on the right shows how this key neurotransmitter declines with age. Fastest decline happens with those who suffer from Parkinsons. Dopamine decline with normal people is much slower, while slow aging people enjoy the slowest decline in dopamine levels.

Deprenyl has shown to stimulate substania nigra to produce more dopamine. By replenishing dopamine levels, Deprenyl can slow down the adverse effects of aging. More importantly, it can improve one's quality of life, energy levels, coordination, and sex drive, as well as fight depression.

Deprenyl is known as Deprenyl Jumex®, Selegiline and Eldepryl® in tablets form. In liquid form, Deprenyl citrate is known under name of Selepryl or Cyprenil. You can no longer buy Deprenyl Jumex tablets; instead you can buy now generic Deprenyl tablets Dep-Tabs. Liquid Deprenyl is now available as Dep-Pro Selegiline.

How to buy Deprenyl tablets
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 Deprenyl is available in 50 x 5mg tablets pack size
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Deprenyl dosage:

Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease patients often take high doses of 20mg (4 tablets) daily, along with other drugs they might be taking. For anti-aging purpose, dosages depend on the age and condition. They can be from 2.5mg to 5mg once, twice or three times per week, up to 1 or 2 tablets daily for those 80 years or more. An age-dosage list in English for deprenyl tablets will be enclosed with your order.

Deprenyl side effects

Some first-time users can experience gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, heartburn, and upset stomach. These side effects are probably due to Deprenyl's neural systems enhancing effects, at the expense of calming effects. After one or two weeks intake the effects will often disappear.

Deprenyl for Dogs

Some dog owners buy deprenyl for dogs to treat hormone imbalance (Cushing's disease) and mental deteoriation experienced by older dogs (canine cognitive dysfunction). It's been somewhat more effective in treating senile mental deteoriation in dogs, than in the treatment of Cushing's disease. Check with your vet for correct approach and dosages.

You can learn more about Deprenyl in our Deprenyl Jumex article.

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