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Deprenyl Jumex

The best known anti-aging supplement

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The discovery of deprenyl’s anti-aging properties has been around for a few decades. Originally developed as an anti-depressant (hence the name of 'deprenyl'), deprenyl's other more valuable benefits have been gradually discovered and tested.

What is Deprenyl?

Deprenyl is a compound that was discovered approximately 40 years ago, by Dr Joseph Knoll and colleagues, in Hungary, as they sought to develop a good anti-depressant drug. After conducting a two-year lifespan study on rats using the drug, they were convinced of deprenyl's antiaging propeties. Since then, many other lifespan studies on deprenyl have been conducted in other countries, most of which have to one extent or another confirmed Dr Knoll's findings.

Available in Europe under the trade names Eldepryl and Jumex, Deprenyl inhibits an enzyme found in the brain called monoamine oxidase B (or MAO-B). Like most enzymes, MAO-B has only one goal: it breaks down dopamine and other compounds known as neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters, as their name suggests, are chemicals that transmit signals from one nerve cell to another; essentially, neurotransmitters play a major role in how the human brain works.

Deprenyl is chemically related to phenetylamine (PEA), a substance found in chocolate and produced in higher-than-normal amounts in the brains of people who are "in love".

Deprenyl was first used in late Eighties with extraordinary success on patients with Parkinson’s disease. In this capacity, deprenyl often spectacularly improved the quality of Parkinson’s patients lives, which is far more important than merely providing extra time for the patients to suffer.

Today most life-extension experts agree that aging causes the progressive reduction of the brain chemical dopamine. A depletion of dopamine causes: loss of energy and coordination, depression, loss of sex drive, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases, and accelerated aging. By replenishing brain dopamine levels, many of the adverse effects of aging can be prevented and reversed. Deprenyl can restore dopamine to youthful levels.

Deprenyl books

Since the publication of Alastair Dow’s first book on deprenyl (The Deprenyl Story), in Canada 1990, there have been many studies that confirm and extend the evidence of deprenyl’s remarkable life-extension benefits.

Alastair Dow subsequently published his second, more comprehensive Deprenyl book, "DEPRENYL: The Anti-Aging Drug". This book provides further evidence that deprenyl may be beneficial in the treatment of a wide variety of neurological disorders, as well as being effective in slowing the underlying loss of brain cells that occurs in "normal" aging.

Numerous experiments have in different ways confirmed Dr Knoll’s original findings that this remarkable drug not only extends life but does so while improving the quality of life in many crucial ways.

Furthermore, treatment with deprenyl has also been found to dramatically increase the lifespan and improve the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s and Alzeheimer’s disease.

The evidence is quietly growing that deprenyl is the best anti-aging drug known to man whose wonders continue to unfold as scientists prove its multifaceted activity.

How Safe is Deprenyl?

Life extensionists who have been taking a 5mg tablet of deprenyl every day for the past several or more years have experienced increased energy, mood elevation, improved memory and higher sex drive - mostly without any undesirable side effects.

Others have been taking deprenyl for anti-aging purposes and some as a mild aphrodisiac. While these are people who take deprenyl on their own volition, after reading about both anecdotal and experimental evidence on deprenyl's anti-aging benefits, they’re unconcerned because they’re sure deprenyl is extremely safe, as there has been no reports of serious side effects.

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Both liquid Deprenyl products, Cyprenil and Selepryl, have been now replaced by new liquid Deprenyl product - Dep-Pro. When you click Buy It Now button you will be automatically taken to the Dep-Pro order page. By clicking on images, you will be taken to product information pages.

Deprenyl liquid 

Dep-Pro liquid

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L-selegiline liquid Depr.

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 Deprenyl Jumex

Deprenyl Jumex

50 × 5mg tablets
Deprenyl brand tablets

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Generic Deprenyl 

Dep-Tabs tablets

50 × 5mg tablets
generic Deprenyl tablets

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Deprenyl’s beneficial actions:

  1. May extend lifespan - Deprenyl medication may improve the quality of life in the latter decades, delaying the time of natural death and decreasing the susceptibility to age-related neurological diseases.   
  2. Alzheimer’s disease - Although the evidence for a beneficial effect of selegiline on patients with Alzheimer's disease is promising there is not yet enough evidence to recommend its use routinely in practice. Selegiline HCl, 10 mg per day has been reported to improve attention and episodic memory in early Alzheimer's disease.   
  3. An effective antidepressant - At doses of between 10 and 40 mg a day, deprenyl has been shown to improve depression particularly when psychomotor retardation is prominent and anxiety minimal.   
  4. Facilitates recovery after stroke - Selegiline (deprenyl) seems to be beneficial after a cerebral infarction. This benefit may be due to the enhancement of the recovery process.   
  5. May aid in smoking cessation - Selegiline decreases cigarette craving, especially during abstinence, and also reduces number of cigarettes smoked. Smoking satisfaction ratings are also reduced during the smoking sessions both before and after the brief abstinence attempt.   
  6. Protects vascular and neuronal tissue - Deprenyl is unique in that it demonstrates protective effects on both vascular and neuronal tissue. Prophylactic use of low doses of deprenyl may accord protection against vascular and neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging.   
  7. Neuroprotection by deprenyl - Deprenyl and related compounds may protect neurons from apoptosis (cell death) and be applicable to delay the deterioration of neurons during advancing ageing and in neurodegenerative disorders.   
  8. Enhanced sexual performance – Life-long treatment with deprenyl enhanced the sexual and learning performance of laboratory rats and prolonged their life.   
  9. Parkinson’s disease - Selegiline HCl, 10 mg per day has been reported to improve attention and episodic memory in Parkinson's disease. Selegiline also improves motor reaction times in Parkinson's and subjective feelings of increased vitality, euphoria and energy.   
  10. Prolongs life in elderly dogs - Specifically with respect to dogs, research findings suggest that daily oral administration of 1 mg (per kg of weight) of L-deprenyl prolongs life when begun in relatively healthy dogs 10-15 years of age. The administration of deprenyl should be maintained for the duration of the dog’s life, or in any event for no less than six months.   

"Deprenyl is what good pharmaceuticals are all about. First it is exceptionally safe, second it protects and enhances mental function, mood and even libido, thirdly, it may even extend life."

- Julian Whitaker M.D. Health and Healing Newsletter


Deprenyl is available to order in multiples of 100 x 5mg tablets pack size. There is also liquid deprenyl, known as Cyprenil or Selepryl, available in 300mg bottles. Click here to buy Deprenyl in both liquid and tablets form.

[The above article is for information and research purposes only. None of the above information should be misconstrued as a health or medical advice.]

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