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Buy Desmopressin Minirin nasal spray

Helps with rapid memory recollection and to better regulate daily bodily functions

Recalling important facts, figures, names and faces is made easier with Desmopressin, man-made peptide hormone that assists the mind to form and store memories

2.5ml nasal spray Minirin

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Desmopressin's many functions

Desmopressin is a man-made form of Vasopressin, a hormone that occurs naturally in the brain. Vasopressin hormone has many functions, including the formation of memories. It's now available as Minirin nasal spray.

It also helps the body regulate temperature and water retention, which makes Desmopressin useful to control enuresis (bedwetting). Some parents use Desmopressin to help their child's control nocturnal bedwetting problem. Men who suffer from prostate problems, will also find Desmopressin useful in reducing night trips to the bathroom.

Desmopressin is also used in some countries to treat amnesia. Being helpful with aging memory problems, Desmopressin can be useful with treating senile dementia, Alzheimer's, and Korsakoff Syndrome. Moreover, it can improve mood and memory in the elderly and Alzheimer's patients.

Minirin nasal spray

Desmopressin is currently available to buy in Europe under brand name of Minirin®. Other brand names of Desmopressin are Argipressin, Lypressin, and Pitressin®.

Minirin is an antidiuretic hormone (ADH) which acts on the kidneys to produce less urine. This helps to deal with increased thirst and urination problems. Containing Desmporessin, Minirin is also used to test renal concentrating ability and in treating central diabetes insipidus. This later condition is not connected with diabetes, but it causes similar symptoms of feeling thirsty and frequent urination. Central diabetes insipidus is caused by the lack of vasopressin or ADH production in the brain.

How to buy Desmopressin spray
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 Desmopressin is available in 2.5ml nasal spray size
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Desmopressin dosage:

Put one or two Minirin sprays into each nostril 15 minutes before a memory recall or concentration is required. It will act within seconds and last up to several hours. Do not use this product if you have kidney or nasal problems. Always consult your doctor first. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use this product.

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