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DMSA Pro box, 60 × 100mg capsules

Helps you remove mercury and lead toxins from your body

This potent chelator will assist your body cleanse itself from toxic heavy metals, especially lead and mercury, helping to excrete those safely and naturally

Made in USA
Shipped from United Kingdom

60 × 100mg capsules - safe for vegetarians
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Mercury and lead chelator

DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid) is know for its ability to cleanse the body from heavy metal toxins, especially lead and mercury. These toxic heavy metals get into the body from many different sources, including some vaccinations.

Heavy metal toxins can affect the nervous system, resulting in further damage to the body. Pregnant women can pass these toxins on to their unborn children.

Using DMSA-Pro can help the body pass heavy metal toxins in a safe manner, relieving from potential burdens.

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 DMSA Pro is available in 60 x 100mg capsules pack size
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DMSA Pro dosage:
Before you commence with chelation therapy, it's recommended that you first do the urine chelation test, to determine heavy metal toxicity. Consult your health practicioner. Taking DMSA orally is convenient way to cleanse your body, as opposed to IV therapies.

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DMSA-Pro Chelator

Suggested replacement for Beyond Clean powder is DMSA-Pro chelator that will help you to remove mercury and lead toxins.

60 × 100mg caps.

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EDTA Pro Chelator

EDTA is a potent chelating agent and cleansing supplement that helps remove harmful heavy metals from the body, for health benefits.

120 capsules

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