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These PDF documents are free to download - right-click on the document photo or the link and choose 'Save Target As' menu option. When clicked on, each of these documents will open up in a new window. The antioxidants table has been just added to this list, available in jpg format, plus Health Supplements info in PDF.

  Health Supplements information

Health Supplements info Our current range of products contains around 200 individual health supplements, including smart drugs, longevity products, skin care products, peptide bioregulators, thyroids, and others.
This handy 16-page Health Supplements info guide gives you the basic information about best known health supplements.
Some of them are not currently available, but it's a useful information to have on hand. Soon to be updated with more.
The current update is dated April 2018.
Download it here, or click on the image to open it up.
 [16 pages, PDF - size 1.22MB]

  Antioxidants for Health and Longevity

Antioxidants table Do you know what antioxidants are best for health and longevity? What are their primary benefits or function? What are best sources for health and longevity antioxidants?
This Antioxidants table will give you the answers to these questions and provide you with a quick guide to antioxidants.
Download it here, or click on the image to open full-site image
(in a separate window), as a jpg image.
[1275×1651 - size 1.16MB]

  Shipping Products PDF - Can products be shipped to your country?

download Shipping Info PDF

Do you know if particular product
can be shipped to your country?
Download this 8-page PDF document,
listing products' shipping info.
Download it here, or right-click on the image left.
[8 pages - size 109kb]

  Dietary Supplements PDF - media attacks refuted

download Dietary Supplements PDF

Over the years, the mainstream media has repeatedly attacked
the use of natural approaches that promote greater health and longevity, including the use of Dietary Supplements.
This valuable document will help you spot the errors contained in the studies that media cites to ridicule or discredit healthy living.
Download here, or right-click image
[16 pages - size 370 kb] logo

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