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Doxycycline Monodoks box, 14 × 100mg capsules

Being effective with soft-tissue infections, Monodoks is a potent antibiotic used for treating a range of bacterial infections

Doxycycline antibiotic fights against a variety of bacteria-caused infections, such as urinary tract, STDs, the eye trachoma, and fevers

14 × 100mg capsules
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For soft tissue infections

Unlike 'bactericidal' Rulid, Doxycycline antibiotic does not kill bacteria. Instead, it inhibits their proteing production, preventing it from surviving and replicating. By slowing bacterial growth in the body, Doxycycline allows the body to repair damaged cells and heal the body from infection.

In its actions, Doxycycline is similar to Ciproxin antibiotic (no longer available), by being able to target a wide range of bacterial infections. Doxycycline or Monodoks is somewhat preferred to tetracycline antibiotics, for having a long half-life and better absorption. This means that infections can be treated using a less frequent dosages - see below.

Doxycycline treats a wide range of bacterial infections

Overall, Doxycycline can treat numerous bacterial infections, which include the following:

  • chronic eye infection, or trachoma 
  • urinary tract infections 
  • sexually transmitted diseases, including Gonorrhoea 
  • pain relief for arthritis and osteoarthritis 
  • fevers caused by ticks, fleas and lice 
  • fighting inflammation 

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Doxycycline dosage:

The usual Doxycycline dosage is two capsules (200mg) on the first day, as a single dose. This then followed by one capsule (100mg) daily. If you suffer from urinary tract infections or other severe infections, you may require higher dosages. Consult with your doctor.

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Similar in its action as Ciproxin, Doxycycline is a potent antibiotic for treating a broad spectrum of bacterial soft-tissue infections.

14 × 100mg caps.

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