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EDTA Pro bottle, 120 capsules

EDTA Pro, a potent chelator, helps you to remove toxic heavy metals from the body

As a remarkable cleansing supplement, EDTA Pro offers unique benefits to your health, as a chelating agent that helps remove toxic metals and minerals from your body

120 capsules - 
suitable for vegetarians
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The meaning of chelation

The word chelation comes from the Greek word khele, which means claw. Chelation is a medical therapy essentially developed to "grab" and bind heavy metal compounds in the body, allowing it then to be safely expelled.

Heavy metals are ingested through nutrition, both intentionally and unintentionally, due to their wide distribution in the environment, which includes the food we eat and drink. When they're present in the human body, they can be toxic and harmful to its proper functioning.

EDTA Pro is a potent chelator

Originally chelation therapy was developed to treat cases of acute heavy metal poisoning, such as lead and mercury. Owing to additional research, over a period of time, chelation has become one of antiaging tools.

EDTA is an acronym for Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. It is a potent chelating agent that helps with removal of harmful heavy metal elements from the body's tissue and organs. By removing these harmful compounds from the body, EDTA Pro chelator prevents potential damage and thus enables healthier functioning.

EDTA Pro capsules also contains:

  • malic acid - found in fruits, to help with metabolic cycle 
  • garlic - a natural antioxidant and immunity booster 

This cleansing supplement also acts as an antioxidant and is being considered as a treatment for inflammatory disorders.

How to buy EDTA Pro capsules
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 EDTA-Pro is available in bottles of 120 capsules size
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EDTA Pro dosage:

Suggested dosage is two capsules taken 1-3 times daily with your meals, or as advised by your pharmacist or physician. It's recommended that this cleansing supplement is taken with a magnesium supplement and a multi vitamins and minerals formula.

  For detox, cleansing and chelation therapy, use these supplements:


DMSA-Pro Chelator

Suggested replacement for Beyond Clean powder is DMSA-Pro chelator that will help you to remove mercury and lead toxins.

60 × 100mg caps.

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EDTA Pro Chelator

EDTA is a potent chelating agent and cleansing supplement that helps remove harmful heavy metals from the body, for health benefits.

120 capsules

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