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Galantamine Pro

Galantamine-Pro 30 × 8mg capsules

Galantamine is an effective way to fight against Alzheimer's disease symptoms

Galantamine-Pro capsules contain galantamine hydrobromide, which is a potent phytonutrient that helps protect brain function and thus slow Alzheimer's disease

Made in USA
Shipped from United Kingdom

30 × 8mg capsules - discontinued product

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Galantamine Pro capsules are not available. The replacement product is Reminyl.
Reminyl Galantamine

Reminyl Galantamine

Replacing Galantamine-Pro is Reminyl, which is a brand name for galantamine hydrobromide used to slow down Alzheimer's symptoms

28 × 8mg capsules

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Treat Alzheimer's disease symptoms

Galantamine Pro contains galantamine hydrobromide (also known as razadyne), an extract derived from snowdrop plant. It's been a recognized aid in treating Alzheimer's disease, by fighting against its symptoms. This helps with slowing down the progress of the disease.

This is done in a number of ways:

1. Galantamine prevents the depletion of neurotransmitter acetylcholine, to protect the brain function and thus slow down Alzhimer's effects. (In this action it's similar to other dementia drugs, such as Deprenyl, Centrophenoxine and Cerebrolysin.)

2. Reduces physical and mental effects of dementia on the patients. These include loss of memory, muscle tremors and impaired lucidity.

3. Galantamine can help inducing the state of lucid dreaming. This involves the dreamer becoming capable to consiously control their dreams.

4. Helps modulate nicotinic receptors in the brain, making brain cells communications more efficient.

Overall, Galantamine is one of the safest and most efficient therapies, used in early stages of Alzheimer's, without adverse side effects that usually accompany other treatments, where dosages have to be continually increased. It can improve memory, reduce fatigue and even improve sexual performance.

How to buy Galantamine-Pro capsules
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 Galantamine Pro is available in 30 x 8mg capsules pack sizes
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Galantamine Pro dosage:
Take one Galantamine capsule per day, or as directed by your doctor. These are best taken with a meal. For a more detailed dosage information, please refer to Reminyl Galantamine dose instructions.

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