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GH3 Tablets

Gerovital GH3 box, 24 × 100mg tablets

Gerovital-H3 (GH-3) is the original antiaging health supplement by Professor Ana Aslan

Developed by the Romanian biologist professor Ana Aslan, GH3 is now used as a rejuvenation and an antiaging supplement, which improves alertness and elevates energy

Made in Europe
Shipped from United Kingdom

24 × 100mg tablets
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Gerovital H3 improves memory, alertness and energy

GH-3 is one of the most popular rejuvenation products in the world, known under full name of Gerovital-H3. GH-3 was developed in Romania in the 1940s by Dr Ana Aslan. It improves memory and alertness, reduces depression, increases energy and general feeling of wellbeing. Gerovital-H3® improves cell metabolism and has an effect on many mental and body functions. Gerovital is the original antiaging supplement.

Gerovital also improves concentration and vitality, alleviates joint stiffness, enhances well-being and acts as an anti-depressant, owing to its MAO inhibitor properties. It is even known to improve skin and hair condition. Dr Ana Aslan was successful in promoting Gerovital H3 with celebrities.

This product is known and sold under many different brand names, some of which include: Procaine, KH3®, GH3®, GH3Pro®, and Gerovital®.

How to buy GH3 tablets
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 GH-3 tablets is available in 24 x 100mg (Ana Aslan) tablets pack sizes
 You can buy one or more of Gerovital-H3 tablets
 Gerovital H3 online purchase price is in US dollars

Gerovital H3 dosage:
Take one GH3 tablet daily, on an empty stomach. Best taken in the morning and no later than early afternoon. Owing to its energizing effect, take 5 days off each month from taking GH-3.

  Antiaging Gerovital H3 (GH-3) rejuvenation supplements
Gerovital GH3 Pro

Gerovital GH3 Pro

As one of the original antiaging supplements, GH-3 helps to improve mental clarity and memory, while acting as a rejuvenator.

60 × 100mg tabs.

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GH3 ampoules

GH3 ampoules

Originally developed by Romanian Dr Ana Aslan, Gerovital H3 is also available as ampoules, for improving memory and concentration.

5 × 5ml ampoules

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GH3 tablets

GH3 tablets

Pioneered by professor Dr Ana Aslan, Gerovital is an antiaging, rejuvenation supplement for improving mental alertness and energy levels.

24 × 100mg tabs.

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