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GHRP2 Pro sublingual

GHRP2 Pro Sub bottle, 60 × 1mg sublingual tablets

GHRP2 Pro is growth hormone releasing peptide, available in sublingual form, that stimulates production of growth hormone

Growth hormone releasing peptide is an analogue to the well-known Ghrelin hormone, but without its side effects of being known as 'the hunger hormone'

60ml × 1mg sublingual tablets
safe for vegetarians
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Stimulates production of growth hormone

Growth hormone releasing peptide no. 2, or GHRP2, is a derivative of Ghrelin, which is an acronym for Growth Hormone Release Inducing. This is a hormone that body releases in response to hunger, creating the desire to eat.

However, unlike Ghrelin, GHRP2 does not create a desire to eat. Instead, GHRP2 signals the pituary gland to start producing growth hormone. Therefore, it works as a stimulant for the body to naturally produce the growth hormone.

Helps weight loss

Both GHRP2 and GHRP6 provide a better alternative to growth hormone injections, with fewer side effects. But GHRP2 is better suited for those who want to lose weight, as opposed to GHRP6 that builds muscle mass.

Fights growth hormone defficiency

After we reach the age of 35, depending on our lifestyle, our bodies start to show the first signs of aging. One of those is reduced production of growth hormone by the pituary gland, or growth hormone defficiency. Gradually the effects of these changes include reduction of muscle mass, reduced strength, and even impaired concentration, in amongst others.

GHRP2 can help to slow down or postpone these early effects of aging, by stimulating the pituary gland to secrete growth hormone. With more growth hormone available, the body starts to feel young again.

A volunteer study conducted over period of 90 days showed marked improvements for the subjects that were taking 10ml of GHRP2 in the morning orally. After 90 days the following changes were observed:

  • growth hormone (IGF-1) levels in the blood increased from 103ng/ml to 120 ng/ml 
  • total body fat decreased by about 9% and visceral fat by over 14% 
  • muscle mass (lean body mass) increased by an average of over 5% 
  • lung capacity increased by more than 16% 
  • little or no changes and improvements were noted in the placebo group 

This shows that GHRPs provide a practical and useful alternative to growth hormone injections.

GHRP2 synergy with Sermorelin

The founder of the Scientific Aging Research Academy, Dr. Richard Walker MD has studied the role of growth hormone releasing peptides and their benefits in antiaging efforts. One of supplements that seem to work well in synergy with GHRPs is Sermorelin, which can improve efficiency of growth hormone release into the bloodstream.

Dr Walker has suggested that taking Sermorelin at bedtime and then taking GHRP first thing in the morning, can improve their efficacy 5-fold. So, it appears that combining Sermorelin and GHRP2 produces good synergistic effect.

How to buy GHRP2 Pro Sub
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GHRP2 Pro dosage:

Take two tablets daily. This can be done at once, or take one in the morning and another in the evening, unless advised differently by your doctor. Allow tablets to dissolve under the tongue before swallowing.

  Benefit from Human Growth Hormone the safe way with these supplements:
GHRP2 Pro Sub

GHRP2 Pro sublingual

Growth hormone releasing peptide 2 comes in sublingual form, as an analogue to Ghrelin hormone, but without its side effects.

60 × 1mg tabs.

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Sermorelin liquid

Sermorelin liquid

Serm-Pro liquid helps you increase your human growth hormone levels by stimulating pituary gland to secrete it naturally.

30ml 30mg liquid

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