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GHRP6 Release Pro

GHRP6 Release Pro nasal spray 6ml 9mg

GHRP6 is used for treating growth hormone defficiency that starts to affect people over 35, for antiaging purposes

Growth hormone releasing peptide stimulates growth hormone production, increasing muscle mass for physically active in their middle age
Made in India - Shipped from United Kingdom
6ml 9mg nasal spray - suitable for vegetarians
$49.99 - discontinued product

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GHRP6 Release Pro is no longer available. Suggested replacement and
complimentary products are: GHRP2 Pro and
 Sermorelin liquid.

GHRP2 Pro Sub

GHRP2 Pro sublingual

Growth hormone releasing peptide 2 comes in sublingual form, as an analogue to Ghrelin hormone, but without its side effects.

60 × 1mg tabs.

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GHRP6 Release Pro

GHRP6 nasal spray

Growth hormone releasing peptide 6 helps treat growth hormone defficiency by stimulating the body to produce it naturally.

6ml 9mg spray

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Sermorelin liquid

Sermorelin liquid

Serm-Pro liquid helps you increase your human growth hormone levels by stimulating pituary gland to secrete it naturally.

30ml 30mg liquid

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GHRP6 stimulates growth hormone release

Growth hormone releasing peptide no. 6, or GHRP6, is a derivative of Ghrelin, which is an acronym for Growth Hormone Release Inducing. This is a hormone that body releases in response to hunger, creating the desire to eat.

Unlike Ghrelin though, GHRP6 does not create a desire to eat. Instead, GHRP6 signals the pituary gland to start producing growth hormone. Therefore, GHRP6 works as a stimulant for the body to naturally produce growth hormone.

Alleviate growth hormone defficiency

People over the age of 35 are usually affected by growth hormone defficiency, as one of middle age consequences. This starts to bring on many negative, both physical and mental effects, such as reduced muscle mass, reduced strength, and impaired concentration, in amongst others.

Build muscle mass

GHRP6 addresses this growth hormone defficiency by signalling the pituary gland to secrete growth hormone. This helps to increase muscle mass and accordingly the body weight. So, this growth hormone releasing peptide is best suited for those who want to increase their body strength (or even help treat eating disorders, such as anorexia), but not for those who desire to lose weight. For weight loss, use growth hormone releasing peptide no. 2, or GHRP2.

How to buy GHRP6 Release Pro
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 GHRP6 Release Pro is available in 6ml 9mg nasal spray in 10ml bottles
 You can buy one or more packs of GHRP6 spray bottles
 GHRP6 Release Pro online purchase price is in US dollars

GHRP6 Release Pro dosage:
Put one spray into the nose, once or twice daily, or as directed by your doctor. Each nasal spray usually provides around 150mcg (0.15mg) of GHRP6 hormone. Watch for any side effects (as with any growth hormone intake) and get your blood measurement for IGF-1 (which measures growth hormone levels), if using this supplement in long term. Always check with your physician that you are implementing proper dosage.

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