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The original list of supplements that has been changed and updated over the past 20+ years, as some of the products were discontinued, while new ones have been added. You can quickly locate your product on this list of some 64 health supplements and click on its link for the product page, or go to Supplements category for full products' basic information, with product images, brief description, and prices. See also Longevity supplements list for more related products.

Main name

Other names, brand names or description
4MU Pro 4-methylumbelliferone, hymecromone, for prostate problems


Glucobay ®, Precose ®, antidiabetic drug, supresses appetite


ATP-Boost, ALC, ALCAR, Mito-Pro ®, energy booster
Adrafinil Adra Pro, Olmifon ®, analogue to Modafinil
Agomelatine Agomelatin, Valdoxan, anxiety and depression tretament
Aldosterone Caps Aldosterone, Aldo Pro, for hearing loss and balance
Aldosterone Spray Aldosterone, Aldo Spray, treat hearing impairment
Amino Butyric Acid Relax-Pro, Gabob, Gamibetal, GABA supplement
Aminoguanidine AGE Inhibitor, Amino-Pro, Pimagidine, inhibits cross-linking
Anastrozole 1mg Arimidex Anastrozole, fight breast cancer, lower oestrogen
Aniracetam Ani-Pro, Ampamet ®, Draganon ®, Reset ®, Sarpul ®
B17 Pro Amygdalin, vitamin B17, Laetrile, cancer fighting compound
BHT Pro™ BHT, potent antioxidant, boost immunity, fight herpes
Bromocriptine Parlodel, increase dopamine, antiaging supplement
Cabergoline Dostinex, prolactin inhibitor, raise dopamine, improve libido
Centrophenoxine Centro-Pro, Lucidril ®, Meclofenoxane, with DMAE and PCPA
Dep-Pro Selegiline Dep-Pro, Liquid Deprenyl Selegiline, Deprenyl Citrate
Dep-Tabs Deprenyl Dep-Tabs, Deprenyl tablets, improve dopamine levels
DHEA 7-keto 7-keto DHEA Pro, 7-keto DHEA, safe DHEA alternative
DHEA Pro 25 DHEA, Adrenal Hormone, antiaging product
DMSA-Pro Chelator DMSA Pro, DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid)
Doxycycline Monodoks, antibiotic, treats wide range of bacterial infections
Dutasteride Avodart ®, Dutasterid, treat benign prostatic hyperplasia
(BHP), hair loss treatment
EDTA Pro EDTA, contains malic acid, chelation supplement, cleansing
Esnatri Tri-Est, Natural estrogen cream, homeopathic estrogen cream
Finasteride Proscar Finasterid, DHT blocker, Proscar, for prostate and baldness
Gerovital GH3 Pro Procaine, KH3 ®, GH3 ®, GH3Pro ®, Gerovital ®
GH3 Ampoules Gerovital, GH3, GH3 Pro, original by Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan
GH3 Tablets Gerovital, GH3, original product by Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan
GHRP2 Pro tablets GHRP2-Pro™, growth hormone releasing peptide no 2, for sarcopenia (muscle wastage), helps weight loss
Glucophage Metformin 850mg tablets, control blood glucose levels
HCG Pro spray Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, nasal spray, for weight loss
Hy-Pro 2 Hydergine, Hydergine capsules, smart pills, better cognition
Hy-Pro 3 Hydergine, Hydergine caps, smart drug, improve cognition
Hydrocort-Pro Hydrocortisone, Cortisol, improve energy and metabolism
Idebenone Ideb-Pro, Cerestabon ®, Mnesis ®, synthetic variant of CoQ10
Lith-Pro Lithium Orotate, Beyond Lithium, natural antidepressant
Melatonin MZS Melatonin ZN Se, TI-MElatonin ®, Zinc and Selenium
Metformin Met-Pro Metformin 500mg tablets, Bi-guanidine, Met-Pro, Metforal ®,
for antidiabetic treatment, blood glucose control
MinMax Pro Minoxidil 15%, improve and stimulate new hair growth
Mito-Pro 2 Powder Mito Pro powder supplement, Mitochondria, boost stamina,
(ATP) Adenosine Triphosphate
Modafinil Moda-Pro, Eugeroic drug, for vigilance and alertness
MSH2-Pro Spray Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone, MSH2-Pro nasal spray
Naltrexone Nal-Pro™, LDN (low dose Naltrexone), for treating MS
Oxy Lozenge Oxytocin lozenges, Bonding hormone, Oxytocin
Oxy-Sub Troches Oxytocin troches, Oxy-Sub, Love Drug, Oxytocin
Oxytocin Oxy-Pro Oxytocin liquid, Oxytocin nasal spray, Oxy-Pro
Picamilone Picamilon-Pro, Pikamilon, Pycamilon, Nootropic Drug
Piracetam Liquid Nootropil ® 100ml, Piracetam, Nootropic Drug Nootropyl ®
Piracetam Pira-Pro Pira-Pro 800mg, Piracetam tablets, The Original Nootropic
Piracetam Tablets Nootropil 800mg, Nootropyl ®, Piracetam, Nootropic Drug
Pregnenolone The building block of hormones, enhance mental alertness
Progesterone Progest-Pro topical cream, ProGesterone cream, USP quality
Proscar Finasteride Finasteride, DHT blocker, protects prostate, reduces male
pattern baldness
Rapamycin Rapa-Pro, immunosuppressant, antiaging medicine
Relax Pro Amino Butyric Acid, Gabob, Gamibetal, GABA supplement
Reminyl Galantamine Galantamine Hydrobromide, Reminyl ER, Razadyne, fight Alzheimer's disease symptoms
Retin-A Cream Retin-Pro, Retinolic Acid, Tretinoin cream, antiaging cream
for acne and wrinkles
SAMe Pro SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine), Samyr ®, Antidepressant
Sermorelin Serm-Pro liquid, Peptide molecule stimulates HGH production
Sildenafil-Pro Sildenfil Citrate tablets, for Erectile Dysfunction
TRH Abaris Abaris, Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH)
Vasopressin Vaso-Pro, Nootropic nasal spray, faster and better memory
recall, control water balance
Vinpocetine Vin-Pro™, Intelectol ®, Vinca Minor, derived from Vincamine, memory enhancer, nootropic drug

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