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Hydergine tablets

Hydergine Novartis tablets

One of the most important smart pills that enhances mental capacity

Regular use of Hydergine produces a number of positive effects on the brain health, including increased levels of blood and oxygen available to the brain

discontinued product

30 × 4.5mg Novartis tablets


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Hydergine Hy-Pro capsules are not available. The replacement product is Hy-Pro 2.
Hy-Pro 2

Hy-Pro 2 Hydergine

Replacing Hydergine tablets, Hy-Pro 2 capsules are Hydergine based, one of the most important smart pills for cognitive improvement.

60 × 2.25mg caps.

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Increase mental abilities

Hydergine is an extract of ergot, a fungus that grows on rye, traditionally used in Europe by midwives to lower birthing mothers blood pressure. Hydergine is reported to increase mental abilities, prevent damage to brain cells from insufficient oxygen (hypoxia), and may even reverse existing damage to brain cells.

As one of the most popular treatments for all forms of senility (dementia) in the U.S., Hydergine is also used to treat a wide range of other problems. One of those includes Hydergine's rejuvenation properties.

Hydergine benefits range from improving blood supply and oxygen to the brain, to inhibiting free radicals and protecting the brain from free-radicals damage. By stimulating the growth of dendrite nerve fibers, Hydergine increases intelligence, and improves memory, learning and recall. Hydergine is also associated with normalizing systolic blood pressure and even lowering abnormally high cholesterol in some cases.

How to buy Hydergine tablets Hydergina®4.5
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 Hydergine tablets is available in 30 x 4.5mg pack size
 You can buy one or more packs of Hydergina 4.5mg Novartis tablets
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Hydergine tablets dosage:
Start from half a tablet daily and build up the doses slowly up to 2 tablets. Tablets can be easily broken into half.

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