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Inderal Propranolol tablets

This beta blocker helps you stay calm under pressure and control hypertension

Commonly prescribed to control high blood pressure, Inderal drug is used to manage hypertension, anxiety, and panic attacks

Made in Europe
Shipped from Hong Kong

30 × 40mg tablets - discontinued product

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Stay calm under pressure

Inderal Propranolol is a beta blocker that will help you remain calm during anxious moments. These anxious moments are usually caused by adrenaline, which activates "fight or flight" reaction to what's perceived as a threatening event. The feelings of fear cause adrenaline to rush into the blood stream, causing us to prepare to fight or flee. However, since many of our fears are irrational, this "fight or flight" reaction can happen during a school exam, public speaking, or other anxiety-causing situations. Inderal restricts adrenaline release in such situations, helping you to perform calmly and with confidence.

Control hypertension

As the first successful beta blocker, Inderal is used to fight hypertension and high blood pressure. When we experience fear or high anxiety, adrenaline is released and we experience "fight or flight" syndrome. This increases blood pressure and the heart beats faster. By reducing the amount of adrenaline released by the body during these moments, Inderal curbs cardiac stimulation, reducing the risk of heart problems.

Prescribed dosage to control hypertension is 1-2 tablets, or 40 to 80mg of Inderal. It is completely absorbed by the body within one to three hours. Higher dosages should not be used without the supervision of a doctor.

Diabetics, or those with the heart, liver or kidney problems should consult their doctor or physician before taking Inderal Propranolol.

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Inderal dosage:
To remain calm and help lower blood pressure, take half or 1 tablet one hour before anxiety-causing event (e.g. public speech). The dose may be repeated later in the day of needed again, but it's not recommended more than 2 tablets a day, unless under a doctor spervision. Diabetics should consult their doctor first, before using Inderal or Propranolol.

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