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Joint-Pro Cream 20ml

Joint Pro 2 x 10ml cream pumps

Relieve your joints, muscles, arthritis and tendons' pain with this peptide-based cream

Packed in handy pocket-size 10ml pumps, this peptide-based cream has been designed to help you get a relief from joint pain, muscle pains, arthritis and tendon injuries

Shipped from United Kingdom

2 × 10ml cream pump - safe for vegetarians
£21.95 - no longer available

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Joint Pro cream 20ml is no longer available.
Suggested replacement products are: Joint-Pro cream 50ml and
 Novisyn Hyaluronan.
Joint-Pro 50ml

Joint-Pro Cream 50ml

Larger package of Joint Pro cream in 50ml cream pump, for a pain relief from joint, muscle, tendons and arthritis pain.

50ml cream pump

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Novisyn Hyaluronan

Novisyn Plus contains Oral Hyaluronic Acid with vitamin C, that's used to soothe painful joints, improve cartillage and make skin younger.

30 × 5ml sachets

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Peptide based joint cream

This new and unique peptide-based cream has been developed to relieve from various body pains, such as joints, muscles and arthritis, including tendon injuries. This is done with Joint-Pro increasing and maintaining levels of Type II Collagen, which is the basis for joint cartilage.

By optimizing this collagen levels, Joint Pro cream does the following:

  • penetrates the skin producing a therapeutic effect 
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory agent 
  • soothes the pain with cool/warm sensation 
  • helps with regeneration of cartilage tissues 
  • promotes the growth factors and tissue repair 

Joint-Pro cream formula contains: Palmitoyltretrapeptide-7, Palmitoy1, Pentapeptide-4 ingredients.

See also Joint-Pro cream 50ml pack.

How to buy Join-Pro 20ml cream
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 Joint-Pro is available in 2 × 10ml cream pumps of peptide cream
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 Standard and Trackable Airmail delivery available, in the USA and internationally

Joint-Pro dosage:
This peptide cream should be used for 1-2 weeks to eliminate arthritis pain or tendon injuries. If you suffer from joint pain, use it for 3-4 weeks to regain your joints mobility.

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