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Lithium Orotate

Lithium Orotate Lith Pro box, 100 × 5mg capsules

Lith Pro is a natural health supplement for optimal health and brain functions

This unique blend of 3 active ingredients is a safe and effective treatment for bipolar disorder, characterized by mood swings and also known as manic depressive disorder

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100 × 5mg capsules - safe for vegetarians
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Lithium Orotate treats bipolar disorder

The main ingredient in Lith Pro is lithium orotate, which is considered an effective bipolar treatment. Known also as manic-depressive illness, it involves sudden changes in mood, energy and activity levels. Throughout history many famous people suffered from bipolar disorder.

Lithium orotate supplement is considered a safe treatment for bipolar disorder because it has few side effects that are usually associated with this type of medication.

Lith Pro essential ingredients

Lith Pro supplement formula is a unique blend of 3 active ingredients:

  • Lithium orotate - the main ingredient 
  • Folate - water-soluble vitamin B 
  • Vitamin B12 - as methylcobalamin 

Lithium orotate

As mentioned above, this element is commonly used for treating mood swings, mania, bipolar disorders, and depression. It's also used in treating attention-defficiency disorders and other depressive illnesses.

Lithium orotate used in Lith Pro is superior to pharmaceutical (i.e. prescriptions) lithium, which is usually lithium carbonate or lithium citrate, which causes a number of side effects. Those taking prescription-type of lithium have to be monitored for possibly signs of lithium poisoning.

Lith Pro, on the other hand, contains lithium orotate which is more bio-available, easier to digest and causes few side effects.


This water-soluble vitamin B9 can be naturally found in food. Its name has been derived from the Latin word "folium", which means leaf. This is because leafy vegetables are recognized as a principle sources of this nutrient. It's usually most aboundant in spinach.

Folate is essential during pregnancy and for optimum health because it's needed for:

  • making DNA and RNA (the cells building blocks), 
  • required for making red blood cells (to avoid anaemia), 
  • and needed for regulating homocysteine levels (to avoid cardiovascular problems). 

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is usually found in animal products (meat, poultry, eggs, milk and fish). In its actions it's similar to folate, but also helps regulating human metabolism. There are 4 different types of vitamin B12, but methylcobalamin is the easiest to absorb by the body.

Vitamin B12 methylcobalamin plays and active role in the central nervous system, by maintaining healthy nerve tissue. It also helps with sleep disturbances and liver disease.

Overall, with the above 3 main ingredients, Lith Pro is beneficial for optimum health and brain function, as well as helpful for dealing with: depression, stress, alcoholism, liver disorder, glaucoma, and bipolar disorder.

How to buy Lithium Orotate capsules
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Lithium Orotate is available in 100 x 5mg capsules pack size
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Lithium Orotate dosage:
Take 1 or 2 capsules daily, or 2 capsules at once. Consult with your physician or health care provider. Lith Pro capsules should be taken with meals.

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