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This category of longevity supplements includes: antibiotics, antioxidants, eye drops, antiaging supplements, probiotics, peptide bioregulators, skin creams and other health supplements. These longevity supplements are sourced from a different supplier, with more payment options. Online orders are handled via secured HTTPS pages, for safe shopping. Go to A-Z Longevity Supplements list for the full listing of allproducts. Plus there are Peptides, Youth Gems, Bioregulators and Thyroid products, all available to purchase through this store. All prices are in US dollars.

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1st Line OSCN

1st Line Thiocyanate

Natural, safe alternative to antibiotics helps the body fight against bacterial and viral infections, such as cold, flu and viruses.

one kit


ACF228 capsules ACF228 capsules 

Powerful antioxidant formula designed to fight free radicals and aging process, reducing the risk of cancer - safe for vegetarians.

30 capsules


BEC5 Curaderm cream

Bec5 Curaderm

Bec5 Curaderm is an eggplant extract skin cream that's potent in treating non-melanoma skin cancers, including age and sun spots.

20ml tube
topical cream


Bioclip Cuff

Bioclip Cuff Monitor

World's first arterial stiffness monitoring device that can be used at home, to measure arterial elasticity, blood pressure and pulse.

1 unit


Blood Sugar Pro

Blood Sugar Pro

Natural, plant-based dietary supplement used for better management of blood glucose levels and to aid weight loss - safe for vegetarians.

180 capsules



Boluoke capsules

Containing Lumbrokinase, a blood-thinning enzyme from far-Eastern earthworm, Boluoke helps improve blood circulation.

60 capsules


Boost Pro

Boost Pro sachets

This new vitamin supplement contains high dose of vitamin C and Quercetin, enhancing immunity against diseases and infections.

30 × 6g sachets


Can-C eye drops

Can-C eye drops - SALE

Highly effective L-acetylcarnosine eye drops can reverse cataracts and alleviate other aging eye disorders, including dry eye syndrome.

10ml eye drops


Can-C Plus capsules

Can-C Plus capsules - SALE

These new Carnosine eye protection capsules provide antioxidant protection for your eyes, best used with Can-C eye drops.

90 capsules


Can C Comfort Drops

Can-C comfort drops - SALE

The original Can-C eye drops designed for use by those who wear contact lens, to lubricate their eyes and make wearing lens easier

10ml eye drops


Can-C K9 eye drops

Can-C K9 eye drops - SALE

Based on the original N-acetylcarnosine eye drops formula, these K9 eye drops have been designed to use on your pet dog's eyes

10ml eye drops


Carnosine Lactic Pro

Carnosine Lactic Pro - SALE

L-Carnosine (Carnosine) is an antiaging dipeptide that protects neural tissues against aging and extends the cell life.

60 × 500mg


Foodsafe kit

Foodsafe Kit

Do-it-yourself at home food allergy blood test kit to test your food allergy and sensitivity for up to 95 different foods.

one kit


Joint-Pro cream 30ml

Joint-Pro cream 50ml - SALE

Larger pack of peptide Joint-Pro cream that's designed to get joint, muscles, arthritis and tendons pain relief - safe for vegetarians

50ml cream pump


Nitric Pro4

Nitric-Pro 4 sachets

With arginine as its main ingredient, Nitric-Pro4 entices the body to produce more nitric oxide, improving the blood flow - safe for vegetarians

3 × 10g sachets


Novisyn Plus

Novisyn Plus Hyaluronan

Novisyn Plus is a liquid supplement with oral hyaluronic acid that soothes painful joints and improves skin condition.

30 × 5ml sachets


Oraltide Pro gel

Oraltide-Pro repair gel - SALE

A perfect product to use with Oraltide Pro mouthwash, this intensive repair gel helps with teeth and gums repair - safe for vegetarians.

50g gel


Oraltide-Pro mouthwash

Oraltide-Pro mouthwash - SALE

This peptide-based mouthwash contains two peptides to help against periodontal disease and gingivitis - safe for vegetarians.

60ml liquid


Pain Pro

Pain Pro PEA

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) capsules are effective against chronic pain, inflammation, neuropathic pain and cold and flu infections.

90 × 400mg caps.


PQQ-Pro caps PQQ-Pro capsules 

PQQ-Pro is a new vitamin supplement that supports the cell mitochondria, which in turn helps the body's energy - safe for vegetarians

30 × 20mg caps.



ReConnect NADH

NADH food supplement helps reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, stress levels and overall tiredness - with CoQ10 and vitamin C.

15 tablets


SleepPro capsules

Sleep Pro capsules

This peptide-based supplement for sleeping disorders helps the body to achieve a state of calm for a good sleep - safe for vegetarians.

30 capsules


Symprove Probiotic Symprove probiotic liquid 

Liquid supplement with live and active bacteria helps heal irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, or gastrointestinal disorder.

4 × 500ml liquid


Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit flavour Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit flavour 

We have added mango and passion fruit flavour option to our popular Symprove probiotic, used for treating gastrointestinal disorders.

4 × 500ml liquid


TA65 capsules 100 dose TA65 capsules 100 dose 

This cutting edge antiaging medicine is now available in smaller dosage packs, as a proven telomerase activator supplement.

30 capsules
100 dose


TA65 capsules TA65 capsules 250 dose 

TA65 is the cutting-edge antiaging medicine that's now commercially available directly to the public as telomerase activator.

90 capsules
250 dose


TA65 cream TA65 skin cream 

TA65 is the cutting-edge antiaging medicine, which helps to extend the length of the human telomeres, for longevity purposes.

30ml cream



Vigor-Pro capsules

A natural and safe supplement that's used for treating erectile dysfunction and improving libido levels - safe for vegetarians

120 capsules


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 Energy

Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin activates natural energy of the body, promoting better memory, concentration and mood - safe for vegetarians

100 × 1000ug tabs


Vitamin D3 5000 iu

Vitamin D3 5000 iu capsules

Vitamin D3 is vital for many healthy body functions, but especially for maintaining strong and healthy bones - safe for vegetarians.

100 5000 iu


Peptide Bioregulators


Developed by the Russians, these specific gene switches are user-friendly alternative to stem cells. There are 21 peptide products available.

20 capsules each

from $59.99
more info about Peptides

Youth Gems YOUTH GEMS® skin creams 

Youth Gems is a new range of peptide-based topical skin creams developed for the face, neck, hands and the body to combat aging.

30ml - 200ml bott.

from $44.99
more info about Youth Gems

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ACF228 capsules 
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Can-C eye drops
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