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Minsaw-M 30ml spray

Topical lotion with Saw Palmetto and Minoxidil, for treating hair loss

Minsaw-M spray is a topical hair-loss treatment that can be applied directly to the balding areas, as early as possible and as often as possible

30ml spray

discontinued product

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Minsaw-A and Minsaw-M sprays are no longer available.
Suggested replacement products are: Dutasteride,
 MinMax-Pro and Proscar.


Also known under its brand name of Avodart, Dutasteride treats enlarged prostate, as well as male hair loss and pattern baldness.

30 × 0.5mg capsules

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Minoxidil Minmax Pro

This 15% strength Minoxidil spray contains a topical alopecia treatment, used for preventing hair loss and helping hair growth.

60ml spray

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Also known as Finasteride, Proscar tablets are used to protect male prostate, as well as to help reduce male pattern baldness.

28 × 5mg tablets

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Minoxidil spray

Minsaw-A is a topical lotion that when applied to the scalp promotes and stimulates new hair growth. As anti hair-loss liquid, Minsaw-A now contains a topical solution of minoxidil at a super high strength of 7%, combined with retinolic acid at 0.025% and Saw Palmetto at 3%, as well as Retin-A. It's now available as spray, under the name of Minsaw-M.

The main ingredient in Minsaw-M, Minoxidil is well known as an improver of blood supply to the hair root and has been in safe use for over 20-years. In addition, Minoxidil helps more effectively deliver nutrients to the hair root.

How to buy MinSaw-M lotion
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 MinSaw-A is available in 30ml bottle liquid pack
 You can buy one or more bottles of Minsaw-A liquid supplement
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Minsaw-A use:

If you start losing hair, Minsaw-A lotion is most effective when used early on and as often as possible, to prevent further hair loss. Apply it to the balding areas on a nightly basis, an hour before bed. Or, just as you go to bed, but wear a hair net to prevent soiling pillows. Minsaw-A works well in synergy with Nizoral shampoo.

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