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Modafinil Moda-Pro box, 30 × 100mg tablets

Moda-Pro is used for treatment of excessive sleepiness and to improve alertness

Available now as Moda-Pro, Modafinil is a psychostimulant drug that improves memory, vigilance, brightens mood and improves concentration

Made in India
Shipped from Hong Kong

30 × 100mg tablets - safe for vegetarians
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Stimulates brain receptors

Modafinil is a remarkable supplement that appears to only stimulate alpha-1 brain receptors that are responsible for the uptake of nor-adrenaline. As a result, these receptors increase alertness and concentration, reducing the desire the nap (sleep). At the same time, Modafinil displays no addictive or "coming-down" side effects.

Modafinil is one of the two Eugeroic drugs; the other one being Adrafinil. They promote wakefulness and alertness, also referred to as 'good arousal'.

New generation of psychostimulants

Known also as Alertec®, Modiodal® or Provigil®, Modafinil is a new generation of psychostimulants for a modern world. Not surprisingly Modafinil is known to have been used by the French Foreign Legion, as well as US and Belgian airforces, to increase their alertness and improve their concentration. The "New Scientist" magazine calls Modafinil a new class of sleeping pills that promise deeper and more refreshing sleep than the real thing.

Modafinil does not affect the normal sleep patterns, nor it causes the anxiety, agitation, or insomnia that other stimulants can cause. It acts only when needed.

Modafinil allows the brain to maintain a high state of awareness and concentration for several hours, without inducing a "high" that for example amphetamines do. This is why people like some air controllers, pilots, truck drivers and surgeons (according to hear-say) use Modafinil to stay sharp and focused on the jobs they do.

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Modafinil dosage:
Take one tablet once or twice daily. One tablet provides stimulation for up to 8 hours. Avoid taking Modafinil in the evening.

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