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MSH2 Pro

MSH2-Pro 5ml nasal spray bottle

Nasal spray with MSH for a natural all over tan, without exposing your skin to direct sunlight

MSH2-Pro contains melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) directly involved in helping to tan the skin, will also help reduce appetite and increase libido

Made in Europe
Shipped from Hong Kong

20ml / 20mg nasal spray - safe for vegetarians
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Melanocyte stimulating hormone

During aging our hormone levels tend to decrease. One of those hormones whose levels diminish with age is Melanocyte stimulating hormone - MSH. This causes the pale whiteness of the skin that can be often seen in seniors. It happens because MSH is directly involved in tanning of the skin.

To counteract this whiteness of the skin, it was necessary to be injected with the hormone. But with MSH2-Pro it's now possible to get the same benefits by a more simple nasal spray. No need to expose your skin to direct sunlight, which can be harmful. MSH2 nasal spray will help you with tanning your skin.

MSH2 Pro benefits

MSH2 Pro provides a range of health benefits. These are:

  • helping to boost libido and sexual arousal 
  • promoting weight loss by reducing appetite 
  • get a natural skin tan without sunlight exposure 
  • no need to use needles 

In addition to these benefits, MSH2-Pro is also synergistic with growth hormone, GHRP6 and IGF1. These help repair and rejuvenate the body during our deep, REM sleep.

How to buy MSH2 Pro nasal spray
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 MSH2-Pro is available in 5ml nasal spray bottle
 You can buy one or more spray bottles of MSH2-Pro
 Online purchase price is in US dollars

MSH2 Pro spray use:
One or two sprays daily is all it's required to help you get an all-over tan. The spray is also helpful with boosting libido and helping with weight loss via appetite reduction. Caution: if you suffer from high-blood pressure or hypertension, you should avoid using this product.

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