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Natural Thyroids List

These desiccated (dehydrated) natural thyroid supplements are used to better regulate the thyroid gland function. Being natural thyroids, they contain all thyroid elements. They are used when your thyroid isn't producing enough hormone. There are also T3 and T4 synthetic thyroid supplements, for maintaining normal levels of T3 and T4 hormones.

Main name Other names, brand names or description

Nature Thyroid 1 grain

Nature Thyroid, 65 mg tablets, regulate thyroid gland function

Nature Thyroid 11 grain

Nature Thyroid, 97.5 mg tablets, for thyroid gland function

Nature Thyroid 2 grain

Nature Thyroid NT2, 130 mg tablets, regulate thyroid gland
Nature Thyroid 3 grain Nature Thyroid, 195 mg tablets, regulate thyroid function

Nature Thyroid 1 grain

Nature Thyroid, 32.5 mg tablets, for thyroid gland function

Nature Thyroid 1 grain

Nature Thyroid, 16.25 mg tablets, thyroid gland function
Thyroid Armour 1 grain Thyroid Armour, 60mg tablets, natural thyroid supplement
Thyroid Erfa 1 grain Thyroid, 60 mg tablets, for improving thyroid gland function
Thyroid Erfa 2 grain Thyroid, 125 mg tablets, used to improve thyroid function
Thyroid Erfa 1 grain Thyroid, 30 mg tablets, for proper thyroid gland function
Thyroid T3 Pro T3-Pro, a Thymid T3 supplement, normalize T3 hormone
Thyroid T4 Eutyrox Euthyrox 150mcg tablets, keep normal levels of T4 hormone

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