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Aip-health News past issues

View some of the past issues of Aip-health News in this newsletter archive. Please note that some of special offers mentioned in the newsletter at the time may no longer be available, although we try to remove those in a timely manner. While some of these newsletters are dated, they contain information and advice that is always useful and valid.

Newsletter 4 June 2019

Aip-health News - 4. June 2019

Topics covered:
- Diabetes 2: early symptoms and how to live with type 2 diabetes
- Types of diabetes, genetic link, glycemic index and medications

Newsletter 29. May 2019

Aip-health News - 4. June 2019

Topics covered:
- Diabetes part 1: type 1 and type 2 diabetes explained
- Elevated blood sugar levels, Blood Sugar Pro new product

Newsletter 2. February 2019

Aip-health News - 2. Feb. 2019

Topics covered:
- Is skipping breakfast good or bad? See what latest trials suggest
- HCG Diet Plan Packages offer a wide range of choices

Newsletter 15. October 2018

Aip-health News - 15. Oct. 2018

Topics covered:
- How nitric oxide can help you improve cardiovascular health
- Nitric-Pro4 sachets aid your training, endurance and recovery

Newsletter 8 Oct 2018

Aip-health News - 8. Oct. 2018

Topics covered:
- Modafinil is a psychostimulant drug used for excessive sleepiness
- It also enhances mood and improve memory and vigilance

Newsletter 17. August 2018

Aip-health News - 17. Aug. 2018

Topics covered:
- Half-price product offers on 10 different products
- A question about thyroids answered, and World Thyroid Day

Newsletter 27 July 2018

Aip-health News - 27. July 2018

Topics covered:
- Based on Amydgalin Laetrile formula, vitamin B17 is back in store
- Vitamin B17 in our 100mg tablets is derived from natural sources

Newsletter 13 July 2018

Aip-health News - 13. July 2018

Topics covered:
- New antiaging supplement discovered on the Easter Island
- Rapamycin antiaging supplement is now available in 5mg tablets

Newsletter 15 June 2018

Aip-health News - 15. June 2018

Topics covered:
- New pain relief product Pain-Pro is PEA based anti-inflammatory
- Harvard study suggests that vitamin D can reduce cancer risk

Newsletter 7 Feb 2015

Aip-health News - 7. Feb. 2015

Topics covered:
- Liquid Deprenyl back in stock
- Deprenyl reduces dopamine decline

Newsletter 27 Jan 2015

Aip-health News - 27. Jan. 2015

Topics covered:
- Introducing new product PEO-Pro capsules
- Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids

Newsletter 20 Jan 2015

Aip-health News - 20. Jan. 2015

Topics covered:
- More information about Peptide Bioregulators
- About Youth Gems® - peptide-based skin creams

Newsletter 13 Jan 2015

Aip-health News - 13. Jan. 2015

Topics covered:
- Oxytocin Oxy-Pro nasal spray special offer
- Introducing Youth Gems skin care products

Newsletter 20 Dec 2014

Aip-health News - 20. Dec. 2014

Topics covered:
- New blood test for Alzheimer's risk, 3 years before the onset
- Christmas opening hours for the supplements' store

Newsletter 13 Dec 2014

Aip-health News - 13. Dec. 2014

Topics covered:
- More definitions added for better understanding of health terms
- How good sleep can help with losing weight

Newsletter 15 Feb 2014

Aip-health News - 15. Feb. 2014

Topics covered:
- More info about Gamibetal, also known as Amino Butyric Acid
- Special offer on Resveratrol Pro, a powerful antioxidant

Newsletter 28 Jan 2014

Aip-health News - 28. Jan. 2014

Topics covered:
- Thyroid Releasing Hormone, TRH Abaris, is back in stock
- Oxytocin nasal spray and troches are available again in store

Newsletter 14 April 2011

Aip-health News - 14. April 2011

Topics covered:
- New liquid Deprenyl, Dep-Pro, is now available in store
- How cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels

Newsletter 24 March 2010

Aip-health News - 24. March 2010

Topics covered:
- The importance of vitamins and minerals in our daily nutrition
- Some of the common causes of vitamins deficiency

Newsletter 16 March 2010

Aip-health News - 16. March 2010

Topics covered:
- Is your daily intake of dietary and vitamin supplements adequate?
- Seven health benefits of taking multivitamin supplements

Newsletter 10 April 2009

Aip-health News - 10. April 2009

Topics covered:
- New research establishes great nutritional value of breakfast eggs
- Unless you are genetically susceptible, eggs can lower cholesterol

Newsletter 3 April 2009

Aip-health News - 3. April 2009

Topics covered:
- Eight ways to keep your brain healthy with smart nutrition
- Importance of supplementation and multivitamin benefits

Newsletter 4 August 2008

Aip-health News - 4. Aug. 2008

Topics covered:
- Remarkable Can-C eye drops can reverse senile cataracts
- These N-acetylcarnosine eye drops provide many benefits

Newsletter 28 July 2008

Aip-health News - 28. July 2008

Topics covered:
- "101 Foods That Could Save Your Life", book by David Grotto
- Ordinary, functional foods have health-promoting substances

Newsletter 23 May 2008

Aip-health News - 23 May 2008

Topics covered:
- Discovery of Deprenyl and why is dopamine so important to us
- Many benefits of Deprenyl, including as an antiaging supplement


Aip-health News - 15. May 2008

Topics covered:
- Picamilone supplement special offer for 24 hours only
- More information about Picamilone and its health benefits

and more back issues are being added...

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Some of supplements covered in our free newsletter:

Below are only some of the health supplements that were covered in the past issues of our free newsletter. These usually contain new and/or additional information on the product that's not found on the product's main page. So, by browsing through these newsletter pages you'll discover more information on particular supplement products.

Oxytocin bonding hormone

Oxytocin is an important bonding hormone that helps to create care and feelings for one another. But its ability to enhance bonding between partners is what attracts most attention. Hence its name of 'bonding hormone', or the closest thing to a Love Drug. Improve your emotional bonding with Oxytocin products, available as Oxy-Pro spray, Oxy-Sub troches and Oxy-Pro lozenges.

TRH available again

TRH, under brand name of Abaris, was created by Dr Pierpaoli to help reverse age related sexual decline. But it also has many other positive effects on the body. It can help correct kidney and pancreatic dysfunction, protect from cancer development, and significantly reduce fatty deposits. TRH stands for Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone, which helps the body correct imbalances and improve metabolism.

Combine Sermorelin and GHRP2

One of the ways to slow aging is using injectable growth hormone (GH), which has proven to have negative effects. Sermorelin provides all the benefits of growth hormone without the risks. It restores natural GH production and secretion. Dr Richard Walker, expert in HGH replacement therapy, suggests that taking Sermorelin at bedtime and GHRP2 first thing in the morning, can provide a five-fold increase in the levels of GH, through combined effects. Therefore, combine Sermorelin and GHRP2 for greater growth hormone restoration.

Gabob (Gamibetal)

Amino Butyric Acid is back in stock. It is used in Europe to treat anxiety, stress and epilepsy. When taken before bedtime, Gabob has shown to improve growth hormone release signficantly. Each tablet of Gamibetal contains 500mg of the GABA related molecule GABOB. This is the closest molecule to controversial GHB. However, it does not have the 'sleep inducing' effects of GHB. But it has been shown to improve growth hormone release significantly when taken before bedtime.

Can-C eye drops

If you didn't know, Can-C eye drops are a remarkable breakthrough that has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of cataracts. Can-C contains N-acetylcarnosine, which is a natural and powerful anti-oxidant. N-acetylcarnosine or NAC is an important discovery, as it offers an effective alternative to cataract surgery. For even better results, combine Can-C eye drops with Can-C Plus capsules.

Acomplia Zimulti

Acomplia (with Rimonabant) is a weight loss aid that has recently been approved in the U.K., making it the first selective CB1 receptor blocker to be approved in the world. It is designed for treatment of obese and overweight patients, especially those with other risk factors, such as dyslipidaemia or type 2 diabetes. Acomplia is known under the brand name Zimulti in U.S...

Can-C drops

Can-C is a non-invasive, anti-oxidant eye drop - the only cataract eye drop proven in clinical trials to be effective in the treatment of cataracts and safe for long-term use. Approved and patented by Innovative Vision Products, who developed the technology behind this breakthrough in cataract treatment, Can-C contains N-acetylcarnosine a natural and powerful anti-oxidant...

Deprenyl Jumex

Discovered in 1961 by Hungarian Professor Dr Joseph Knoll in his Budapest laboratory, Deprenyl is the only potent, selective, irreversible MAO-B inhibitor approved for medical use. MAO-B causes the breakdown of dopamine (a monoamine) into chemical compounds which are then excreted by the body. Jumex works by helping to prevent (or inhibit) this breakdown of dopamine by MAO-B. Dopamine is essential to the normal functioning of the central nervous system. It also plays a significant role in the cardiovascular, renal and hormonal systems of the body...


Desmopressin is a man-made form of vasopressin, a hormone that occurs naturally in the brain of most mammals including humans. The primary function of vasopressin is to regulate the body’s retention of water which also affects the amount of salt in your body...


Olmifon is brand name for Adrafinil - a gentle stimulant and an anti-depressant, used to boost vigilance and alertness. It has the ability to stimulate only when stimulation is required and has far fewer of the anxiety, agitation and insomnia inducing side effects of the more well known stimulants...


Piracetam was developed in the 1960s by a Belgian team led by Dr Corneliu Giurgea. It was Dr Corneliu who coined the word ‘nootropic’ – taken from the Greek word meaning ‘acting on or towards the mind’. Piracetam itself has been described as a drug that “wakes up your brain”... logo

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