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Aip-health News 13. Dec. 2014

- More new health definitions and terms added
- How good night's sleep can help with weight loss

There are two items in this newsletter - one about new definitions published on our site, the other on how good sleeping habits can help with weight loss.


Unless you are a seasonal online shopper and buyer of health supplements, you will innevitably encounter some expressions or phrases that might be confusing or not easy to understand.

This is why we have created our Definitions page, to explain some of the common terms used in health supplements and pharmaceuticals industry.

A few new pages have been just added to our site to increase the list of definitions explained:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find 4 new pages added. More will be added in the coming weeks.


Waking up after good sleep
Good sleep can help with weight loss
The secret of easier weight loss is in 6-8 hours of good sleep.

One third of your 24 hours should be allocated for sleep. Put that time aside for your much needed rest and your metabolism will react better to your striving to lose weight.

Is this the secret of a successful weight loss? According to a recent medical study, the effectiveness of a diet is directly related to a good night's sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, even low calorie diet and exercise won't help with losing weight.

But a six to eight hours of sleep every night will not only help with losing weight, but also enhance your low calories and exercise attempts to lose weight.

The key to all of this is stress, according to this study. Women who suffered from stress and couldn't get a good night's sleep, coudln't lose weight despite their best efforts with eating less and exercising more.

In summary, sleep is healthy and helps speed up your metabolism, making weight loss easier. Not to mention how important good sleep is for our psychological and general health and wellbeing.


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