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Aip-health News 13. Jan. 2015

- Oxytocin Oxy-Pro spray special offer
- New Youth Gems skin creams products

See our latest Oxy-Pro Special Offer and new Youth Gems skin creams.


Oxytocin Oxy-Pro
Oxytocin Oxy-Pro spray
New stock of Oxy Pro Nasal Spray has arrived and orders can be placed once again for this product.

Oxytocin is best known for its role during childbrith, when it helps with the bonding process between between the mother and baby, as well as with the contractions.

But this naturally occurring hormone has several other applications. For example, did you know that having contact with another person releases oxytocin?

It also helps with sleep patterns and has a calming effect on every person, owing to its positive effect on the stress hormone cortisol. The benefits of this hormone are many, still being discovered.

Take advantage of our current Oxytocin Special Offer and save $5 per spray pack or sublingual Troches pack:


There are currently 19 Peptide Bioregulators in our supplements range - 21 as of 2017. We have now added another 4 peptide based skin creams under the Youth Gems® label - 7 products in total as of 2017.

These four skin creams are:

Body Milk - a light cream that can be applied on most parts of the body, for a smoother and more efficient skin texture.

Day Cream - to use on the face and hands to protect against skin aging and, via improve blood flow, for more elastic skin condition.

Serum - for use on the most noticeable areas of skin, such as fine lines on the face and neck, to help plump up affected areas.

Tonic - this skin cleanser is used to help make the skin firmer and more taught, as well as pleasant scent aftershave.

You can find more information abou these new skin creams here:


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