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Aip-health News - 14. April 2011

- Announcing new liquid deprenyl product - Dep-Pro - is available
- How cinnamon helps lower blood sugat levels in diabetics

After a short unavailability, Liquid Deprenyl is back in stock.

Having been unable to source this world wide for a large part of last year and all of this to date, our suppliers are now able to source it through another supplements company and have just received our first batch.

New liquid Deprenyl in stock

Bottle of 300mg Dep-Pro liquid Deprenyl
New liquid Deprenyl Dep-Pro contains 20ml or 300mg of deprenyl citrate liquid
The product name is Dep-Pro, liquid deprenyl selegiline.

It is packed in 20ml bottles and our standard internet price will be USD $79.99, however for a limited period we will be offering a launch price of $69.99:

Deprenyl is the best antiaging drug known. It protects and enhances mental function, improves mood, and even increases libido. As Dr Knoll's research has shown it may also help extend lifespan.

Deprenyl could enhance longevity

As you probably know, Deprenyl is a mainstay for the treatment of senile dementias. Professor Dr. Joseph Knoll's research showed how it can enhance longevity. These results were later repeated by some of other researchers, although life-extending outcome was not as significant as in Dr Knoll's original research, who also discovered Deprenyl. As the name suggests, he was seeking to develop an antidepressant.

The benefit of liquid deprenyl over tablets (Jumex) is that liquid is a lot easier to use in smaller doses for preventative purposes.

Due to its lack of availability we expect there to be a pent up demand for this product and will be highlighting it in next week's newsletter.

Deprenyl is also available in generic 5mg tablets format as Dep-Tabs at $34.99, while Deprenyl Jumex is no longer offered by our suppliers.

Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels

Cinnamon sticks and powder
Cinnamon helps to keep blood sugar levels under control

One of the most crucial aims for any diabetic person is to try keeping low blood sugar levels. It’s a daily battle, which has to be fought every time a meal is consumed.

One of the most effective ways to keep the blood sugar under control is staying with Low Glycaemic diet, which makes the daily struggle much easier and more manageable. Of course, follow your doctor’s advice on the overall strategy for living a normal, healthy life with diabetes.

Low blood sugar key to diabetes control

Scientists and researchers working in diabetes-related fields are always on the lookout for compounds that show promise to assist with maintaining low blood sugar levels – the key to minimizing diabetes negative side effects on our health.

According to USDA researchers, several compounds isolated from cinnamon may one day become the key natural ingredients in a new generation of products aimed at lowering blood sugar levels. They tested the compound called polyphenolic polymers, found in cinnamon. In test tube studies, the compound increased sugar metabolism in rodent fat cells 20-fold. The study was conducted at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

Another journal, Diabetes Care, published a related finding, reporting that less than a half-teaspoon of cinnamon daily for 40 days significantly lowered blood sugar levels among 60 human volunteers with Type 2 diabetes. This finding was reported by the members of USDA’s Richard A. Anderson, PhD, team members, who conducted the above USDA cinnamon study.

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