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Aip-health News 15. Feb. 2014

- Gamibetal, also known as Amino Butyric Acid, is back in stock
- Special offer for Resveratrol Pro, a powerful antioxidant

In additional to our other, ongoing special offers, we have Resveratrol-Pro special offer for a limited time only. More details below.

Gamibetal Back in Stock

Relax Pro Amino Butyric Acid
Amino Butyric Acid is now available as Relax-Pro

GABOB, sold under brand name of Gamibetal, is also known as Amino Butyric Acid. Each tablet of Gamibetal contains 500mg of GABOB. The approved use of Gamibetal in Europe is to treat anxiety, epilepsy and stress.

However, Gabob has shown to significantly improve the release of growth hormone, when taken before bedtime. It's also known for its anti-aging properties.

This anti-stress supplement is now in stock:

Resveratrol-Pro Special Offer

Resveratrol SR
Resveratrol is now available in slow or delayed release caps.
Resveratrol is a remarkable supplement and a powerful antioxidant, found in grape skins and red wine. Nearly 600 scientific studies have established that resveratrol can reverse oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, protect the heart, stabilize insulin, normalize lipids, and even has shown anti-cancer properties.

Our Resveratrol-Pro also contains additional ingredients, such as vitamin E, the extract of green tea, and additional red wine polyphenols. These ingredients act in synergy and together can significantly reduce cancer cell proliferation.

For a limited time you can buy Resveratrol-Pro 60 capsules for $24.99 and get one pack abosolutely FREE:


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