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Aip-health News 8. Oct. 2018

- World Thyroid Day on May 25th
- 10 products available at half price

- Peptide Bioregulators special offers
- A question about Thyroids

Our ongoing Clearance Sale has reduced prices for over 30 different products, plus Peptide Bioregulators' volume purchase discounts.

World Thyroid Day

An illustration of the thyroid gland
Hormones produced by thyroid gland regulate heart, muscles and digestive function

May 25th is the World Thyroid Day, which is a collaboration between Thyroid Associations from America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Latin American. Although it changes every year, World Thyroid Awareness Week is usually the last full week of May.

The small butterfly shape gland found at the base of the neck is the cause of symptoms including poor concentration, confusion, memory problems and weight gain amongst others (there are 47 hypothyroidism symptoms) for over 20 million Americans.

If you are over 40 years of age and have no overt endocrine disease just a small regular whole thyroid supplement can raise energy levels, improve bowel function and cognitive function. Of course we always recommend consulting with a physician before taking any medication.


There are 10 products that are available at half their usual price. Granted that these are products with a near expiry date, from September this year through to April 2019.

But if you are using these products or considering to include them on your supplements list, now's the good time to make your purchase.

These include:

AGOMELATINE - brand name Valdoxan, for treating depression

BROMOCRIPTINE - brand name Parlodel, for antiaging purposes

7-KETO DHEA - safe alternative to DHEA, for energy and longevity

HCG PRO - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, latest weight loss supplement

GLUCOPHAGE - Metformin 850mg, for keeping blood sugar under control

OXYTOCIN - in lozenges format, for physical and emotional bonding

PROGESTERONE - alleviate side effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy

RELAX-PRO - GABA supplement, for calming effect on body without drowsiness

REMINYL - Galantamine fights Alzheimer's and can help with weight loss

SERMORELIN - increase your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels by stimulating pituary gland to produce it

You can find the above half-priced products and many other special offers,
with full details, on this page:


One of the questions recently received was about ERFA thyroids, if they are genuine product from Canada.

The answer is: Yes, they are genuine thyroid products from Canada.

Thyroid 30 × 100mg tablets bottle label
Our Thyroid tablets are genuine Thyroid products manufactured in Canada, as seen on the above enlarged image from a tablets' bottle.

This is visible from the products' label when you go to purchase it in the store. Or see the above large image of the label from one of the Thyroid bottles, showing the product made by ERFA Canada Inc.

Currently there are 3 ERFA Thyroid products:

- half grain 30mg
- one grain 60mg
- two grain 125mg

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contat us via email.

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