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Aip-health News 20. Dec. 2014

- New blood test for Alzheimer's risk
- Christmas opening hours

An important announcement with regards to the Christmas period 2014 and an interesting development for Alzheimer's disease patients.

Blood test for Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's disease, dementia
A new blood test could predict the onset of Alzheimer's
Could a new blood test could pick up Alzheimer’s ten years before symptoms?

A blood test presented at a US conference could be used to spot those who are most at risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, allowing treatments to begin earlier, or lifestyles to be adapted to cope with the condition. The test has had 100% accuracy on distinguishing healthy individuals and those with the disease.

Test prediction on developing Alzheimer's

It is still very early days in the development of the blood test, but there are high hopes it will be ready for commercial use in the coming years. There are a couple of other similar Alzheimer’s test also in development, one with 90% accuracy within 3 years of its onset, and another with 87% within a year. This most recent one has found that those who developed the disease had much higher levels of IRS-1, allowing a prediction of developing the condition should this show up in other blood tests.

All of these tests are excellent for those who have higher chances of developing the Alzheimer's Disease, enabling them to start following certain lifestyle routines in order to try and delay the onset, or indeed be more prepared for the condition. However it does also raise the question of – Would you really want to know?

Christmas 2014 opening hours

With Christmas being next Thursday we thought it necessary to let you know our opening hours for the next week or so.

- Open as usual Monday 22nd, and Tuesday 23rd
- Closing at 2pm GMT Wednesday 24th
- Thursday 25th and Friday 26th our offices will be closed

Any orders placed online during Christmas will be shipped as soon as possible upon our return on Monday 29th, as well as emails and voicemails being responded to then also.

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