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Aip-health News 27. Jan. 2015

- Introducing new product PEO-Pro
- Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids

This week we introduce you to the new product PEO-Pro (no longer available).


PEO-Pro capsules
PEO-Pro capsules
Recently we have added new product to our range, PEO-Pro, which contains the all important omega fatty acids.

PEO stands for Parent Essential Oils, contained in PEO-Pro. These PEOs start out in food, but by the time the food is processed, these nutrients end up being damage, removed or deactivated. Through processing, they transform into unhealthy trans-fats and hydrogenated oils.

Likewise, apart from some nuts, most of our omega 3 oils comes from cold water fish. Needless to say, even cold water fish is not what it used to be, owing to unhealthy environmental factors.


The PEO-Pro™ supplement contains an organically produced, cold-pressed seed oils containing Parent Omega-6 and Parent Omega-3 fatty acids.

The seed oils include organic high linoleic Safflower oil, organic sunflower oil, and a small amount of organic Evening Primrose oil. These are all excellent sources of ‘parent’ omega 6, along with organic flax oil for ‘parent’ omega 3.

Since the availability of these plants is higher than that of fish, omega 6 is a much more attractive and sustainable alternative to omega 3.

Indeed, research undertaken by Professor Brian Peskin indicates that the amounts of Omega oils needed seem to be far less than what is suggested by those who push fish oils.

Perhaps this is due to PEO-Pro™ being unadulterated as opposed to the many adulterated versions that are commonly available.

For more information on PEO-Pro™ go to our web page: (recently discontinued)

You can also take the advantage of our current special offer and save $5 per pack of PEO-Pro.


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