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Aip-health News 27. July 2018

- Vitamin B17 Pro available again
- Amygdalin is part of Laetrile formula
- Special offers reminder

In this update you will learn more about vitamin B17, sometime known as Amygdalin, and give you some details about our current special offers.

Vitamin B17 is available again

Ever since G. Edward Griffin introduced vitamin B17 in his book "World Without Cancer", amygdalin has been a controversial subject. To further add to the confusion, vitamin B17 is also referred to as anti-cancer drug Laetrile. This interchanged use of the names adds to the controversy.

The term Laetrile was originally coined by father/son team of Ernest T. Krebs Sr. and E.T. Krebs Jr. The father was an MD, while the son was a research biochemist. The original Laetrile formula created by Krebs was different to the Laetrile formula that's in use today.

Amygdalin is part of Laetrile formula

Bottle of Vitamin B17 Pro 40 tablets
Vitamin B17 Pro tablets are available again, based on Amygdalin Laetrile formula.
Amygdalin was part of Krebs' original Laetrile formula, in addition to other class of beta-cyanogenetic glucosides, which they also called nitrilosides. These nitrilosides compounds are usually found in common vegetables, such as different types of beans, sweet potatoe, lettuce, flaxseed, and others.

But nitrilosides are especially found in almonds (in particular bitter almonds) and apricot, cherries, apples, pears, plums, limes, and lemon seeds or kernels. Vitamin B17, amygdalin or nitrilosides are found in the soft inner core of these seeds, after breaking the outer hard shell layer.

Vitamin B17 Pro has been derived from these natural sources, with each tablet containing 100mg of B17:

While it still remains controversial, there have been many well-docummented examples of people benefiting from regularly ingesting this natural substance.

Please note that B17 Pro should never be consumed with raw nuts, particularly almonds, or raw vegetables, as each of these can contain natural amygdalin.

Special Offers reminder

Our Clearance Sale is still on, with over 20 products currently available, including some of them at half price.

You check them here:

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It also provides many other health benefits, all of which make it a potent and very helpful medicine for diabetes sufferers.

More product to come

In the ensuing weeks we will have more new products added and some changes made to the existing products.

Take note of these updates for full details, or visit our site for more information.

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