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Aip-health News 7. Feb. 2015

- Liquid Deprenyl back in stock
- Deprenyl reduces dopamine decline

Deprenyl is one of the best known antiaging products. It's available both in tablets, as Deprenyl Jumex, and liquid format, as Dep-Pro.

Back in stock: liquid Deprenyl

Bottle of Dep-Pro liquid deprenyl, 20ml
Liquid Deprenyl Dep-Pro
Discovered in the 1960s by the Hungarian Professor Dr. Joseph Knoll, deprenyl has since become an excellent all round antiaging product.

While seeking to develop an antidepressant, hence the name of 'deprenyl', Dr Knoll discovered in his laboratory experiements that rats given deprenyl lived up to 40% longer than those who were not given deprenyl.

Since then a number of similar experiments with deprenyl have tried to replicate those results. Although not as successful as Dr Knoll's experiments, the others have also noted life extending properties of deprenyl in their laboratory experiments.

Deprenyl benefits

But deprenyl also offers a number of other health benefits, in addition to its life-extension potential:

  • increases libido or sex drive
  • reduces fatigue and raises energy levels
  • improves learning abilities
  • treats depression as an antidepressant

It has also been used as a preventative for Alzheimer's and Parkinsons disease. Furthermore, deprenyl has shown to improve mobility, awareness and quality of life for Alzheimer's and Parkisons patients.

Deprenyl reduced dopamine decline

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which controls many brain functions, including movement, emotional response and pleasure centres.

As we age, dopamine levels tend to decline. This happens even faster with those who suffer from Alzheimer's and Parkinsons diseases.

Deprenyl stimulates substantia nigra to produce more dopamine. By replenishing dopamine levels, deprenyl can slow down the adverse effects of aging.

For more information on Deprenyl liquid go to our web page:

We have also available Dep-Tabs, 5mg Deprenyl tablets. These can be now easily divided ito half or even a quarter, enabling you to use dosages as low as 1.25mg of deprenyl.

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