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Aip-health News 8. Oct. 2018

- Modafinil is again available in our online store
- It is a mood, memory and cognition enhancer
- Modafinil improves mood and mental alertness
- Enhance your memory with Modafinil

Modafinil is back

In the earlier years, Modafinil was regularly available in our online store. But owing to the way payment providers sometime clasiffy it, it was only available via special site. Now, Modafinil is back again to our store, available as other health supplements.

From time to time, pharmaceutical industry comes up with amazing substances that live up to is claims, with few side effects. One of those seems to be Modafinil - a mood, memory and cognition enhancer.

Improve your mood and alertness

Box of Modafinil Moda-Pro 30 × 100mg tablets
Modafinil is a psychostimulant drug used for treating excessive sleepiness and mood enhancing
Modafinil improves memory, and enhances one's mood, alertness and cognitive powers. The drug has a smoother feel than amphetamines and enables the user to stay awake and alert for many hours. Hence one of its brand names of Alertec.

The other good side of Modafinil is that it doesn't create 'highs and lows' that are normally experienced with other stimulants, like coffee, amphetamines, Ritalin, etc.

Modafinil is a psychostimulant approved by the US FDA - Federal Drug Administration - for improving wakefulness in patients with excessive sleepiness associated with shift work sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnea or hypopnea syndrome and narcolepsy.

Unfortunately, the benefits of caffeine are such that its constant use builds immunity, leaving the jitteriness but not the enhanced performance. Most of the world's habitual coffee consumption is used to stave off the effects of caffeine withdrawal.

Modafinil does not appear to have such drawbacks, though users should be acutely aware that prolonged and regular use of the drug will lead to health issues.

Enhance your memory with Modafinil

Then there will be those who will take Modafinil for recreational purposes - it just might be the ultimate party drug with the user awake, alert and balanced and no problems remembering what happened or what got said the next morning.

You see, Modafinil does not only improve your mood and keep you awake, but it also enhances your memory.

All this without negative side effects or withdrawal symptoms, or addictiveness.

But again, a prolonged use of any recreational drug that's not supervised by qualified health professional could lead to healh issues.

Buy Moda-Pro Modafinil

Modafinil is sometime available as brands Alertec, Modiodal and Provigil. Our current brand of Modafinil is Moda-Pro, available here:

This psychostimulant drug is used to help improve concentration, memory, mood and vigilance. It's often used in the treatment of excessive sleepiness. Available in packs of 30 x 100mg tablets.

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