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NeyDent toothpaste

Neydent toothpaste, 50ml tube

Unique toothpaste with RNA's and vitamins for daily dental care for your teeth and gums

German-made Neydent toothpaste is superior to your standard toothpaste, as it keeps your teeth and gums healthy, prevents gums bleeding, tooth decay, and bad breath

50ml toothpaste tube

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Prevent bleeding gums and infections with Neydent

Neydent is a "hard-to-obtain" toothpaste that prevents bleeding gums, infections, inflammations, periodontosis, loose teeth, bad breath and pain. It's only available for purchase online. With its carefully blended ingredients, Neydent can also help with more serious dental conditions, such as gum disease and gingivitis.

Neydent toothpaste ingredients

NeyDent® toothpaste contains a unique patented combination of eleven ingredients including:

  • bimolecular proteins,
  • an antibacterial matrix,
  • antibodies,
  • vitamins B and C,
  • oils,
  • natural fluoride
  • and procaine.

Neydent also contains ribonucleic acids (RNA's) - the building blocks of DNA.

Natural fluoride hardens the surface of the teeth, while sea salt is a natural cleaning aid. Neydent toothpaste helps repair tissues and improves blood flow. This strengthens and repairs the gums, building up resistance against infections.

How to buy Neydent toothpaste
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 Neydent toothpaste is available in50ml tube cream pack size
 The above purchase price is in US dollars

 Standard and Trackable Airmail delivery available, in USA and internationally

Neydent use:

Brush both teeth and gums with Neydent, like with any other toothpaste. For better effectiveness, leave Neydent foam to stay on a little longer, before you rinse it.

  For your oral care and health
Neydent toothpaste

Neydent toothpaste

Containing RNA's and vitamins, Neydent is used for daily oral care for your teeth and gums and to maintain good dental health.

50ml toothpaste

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